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The GS, GSHP, XGS or XGS also has four GbE dual personality interfaces. A dual personality interface includes one Gigabit Ethernet port and one slot for a mini-GBIC transceiver (SFP module) with one port active at a time. The GS . A new-look smart managed switch with a refreshed design inside and out! The GSv2 series extends the success of the best-selling GS series with a stylish new look and enables cloud manageability with Zyxel NebulaFlex TM technology. Aug 10,  · The Zyxel GS Series of 8/10/16/24/port GbE Smart Managed Switch with Gigabit speed bring your business network more flexibility and connectivity.


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Feb 26,  · zyxel switch: “how to make the factory restore in a zyxel gs ports” few screenshoots to show us how to make a factory restore of a switch zyxel g, using putty or minicom as console client. 1 step – set putty client. setting the parameters to use for the the connection. Sep 29,  · This should be a relatively easy setup, but my attempts at getting this to work have failed. I’ve got three GS switches (v2 firmware). What I’m attempting to do is create a guest VLAN network across the switches using VLAN ID Reminder: NBG To upgrade the firmware NBG V(ABMV.3)C0 or later, make sure to upgrade V(ABMV.2)C0 firmware in advance. GS Series.
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XGS/GS Series 24/port GbE Smart Managed Switch | Zyxel
GS1910-24 and GS1920-24 losing configuration

The problem is i set up the static ip for the switch and from wifi i cant reach the web interface. Wifi and cable connection gets the dhcp so its not meters im on calbe or wifi. So if i give him a xx. The mask is good everything setup is correct. If i set the managment port to dhcp i can reach it from everywhere. There are seven more switch and i can reach all of them from wifi, the topology not mathers here.

I have a core mtik and 3 tplink connected on it in one floor and 3 on anothet floor connected to one tplink, just the zyxel with i have problem. The wierd that i can reach the fix ip what i set up with ping but after the factory reset now the switch is on dhcp on another ip That’s why it’s all fine after you reset default.

After factory reset i connect to the default But if i change the address to the subnet what im reserved for the servers networks etc, i cannot reach the switch from the dhcp subnet. We have a little problem with our internal dns server, and after we fixed and reseted the router again now its reachable. I think your can access GS’s web interface when your PC directly connected. But switch cannot be access when pc connects on other devices e.

Am I right? Maybe router has been created policy to deny traffic. After reset the router then it just work because policy removed. It looks like you’re new here. If you want to get involved, click on this button! Zyxel GS connecting problem. August edited April 14 in Switch. Dear Users!

I have a problem with the switch i get from my former colleague. Wifi and cable connection gets the dhcp so its not meters im on calbe or wifi So if i give him a xx. Firmware is up to date. Any ide for this? Thanks for the help! August Can you be more clear about the problem? A topology with detail would be helpful. The hosts from wireless cannot reach switch’s web interface?

How about ping? Not working either? Yes the ping is working just the web interface is unreachable. August edited August No the problem is it is not good after factory reset to. Now maybe we have the problem. After the ip change i have to connect it manualy to save the cfg but now its working. Maybe zyxel is sensitive for dns settings? Ace Posts: 24 Freshman Member. Sign In to comment. Howdy, Stranger! Sign In Register.