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Nov 24,  · Hey Everyone and WELCOME to Darkson Gaming, my name is Chris and on today’s video we take a look at the Supreme Kai Trials. Please make sure to Subscribe for. “Potara” Category Ki +4 and HP, ATK & DEF +%: Godly Binding Fist: Greatly raises DEF for 1 turn and causes supreme damage with a high chance of stunning the enemy: Situational Awareness: Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +%; attacked enemy’s ATK & DEF % for 2 turns; high chance of evading enemy’s attack (including Super Attack); recovers 10% HP at the end of turn. Supreme Kai’s Trial Category Korin Kami King Kai Special Beginner Supreme Kai’s Trial Porunga Week 4 Porunga Week 5 Porunga Week 6 Porunga Week 7 Hidden Black Smoke Shenron Porunga Week 8 Porunga Week 9 Porunga Week 10 Porunga Week 1 Porunga Week 2 Porunga Week 3 Daily WW連動企画の個人ミッション WW連動企画の協力(対決.


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“Potara” Category Ki +4 and HP, ATK & DEF +%: Godly Binding Fist: Greatly raises DEF for 1 turn and causes supreme damage with a high chance of stunning the enemy: Situational Awareness: Ki +2 and ATK & DEF +%; attacked enemy’s ATK & DEF % for 2 turns; high chance of evading enemy’s attack (including Super Attack); recovers 10% HP at the end of turn. Feb 22,  · Featured Update We’ve updated our Super LR Tier List!. Clear a stage in under 1 minute 30 seconds. Submit Feedback or Error. rows · A total of x and x can be earned in all Areas. These Supreme Kai’s Trials are special missions for a few Dokkan Events to earn. There are 3 missions for each stage, usually for the highest difficulty available. You can earn a total of 50 Nimbus Cloud Awakening Medals. Stage.
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Supreme Kai’s Trials
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Along with the Gods of Destruction , they are the ruling and overseeing class of the twelve, formerly eighteen, universes, and each universe has its own set of gods. The Supreme Kais possess godly powers and live outside the main universe macrocosm on the Sacred World of the Kai. They far outclass the regular Kai as while the lower Kai watch over the living world, the Supreme Kais watch over both the Other World and the living world.

Unlike the Gods of Destruction and like the Angels they work alongside, they are all members of a naturally divine species, though, in their case, they are only divine depending on how they came to be in the first place. The Kai and Supreme Kai seem to be based on the deities who watch over the cardinal directions in Hindu scriptures Guardians of the directions and Buddhist faith Four Heavenly Kings. There are generally four main guardians, sometimes eight, with two additional guardians who govern and protect space, for a total of ten gods like the Kai and Supreme Kai.

Only a Core Person born from an incredibly rare golden fruit grown on the Kaiju can be selected to become a Supreme Kai. If one of the two Supreme Kai were to die in an accident, then the currently-inactive third Supreme Kai would grow in the Sacred World of the Kai like a plant.

However, in some universes, there have been eras where there were more than three Supreme Kai active at one time as, for unknown reasons, Universe 7 previously had five active Supreme Kais. In rare occasions, a regular Kai can be trained into a Supreme Kai if they have a high enough battle power or if they accomplish a particular feat such as when Chronoa managed to raise the divine bird Tokitoki into an adult.

In Universe 7, the five Supreme Kai ruled over the entire universe 5 Million Before Age , with the Grand Supreme Kai overseeing them the same way that the regular Kai rule over their individual quadrants of the living world, with a Grand Kai in charge of the four of them. They are the Gods of Creation who provide the catalyst for life and planets to be born, as opposed to the Gods of Destruction who destroy life and planets, which maintains the balance of the universe.

Supreme Kai are able to provide the impetus for planets to be born; also, they will sometimes divide up one planet and increase the number of planets. They even do things like create life-forms, or transplant them from another planet, but their basic job is to watch over the numerous planets.

The Supreme Kais intervene if it appears that the world’s balance will crumble, but normally, they merely act in an advisory role for new life-forms and do not get involved. Eliminating threats is usually the duty under the God of Destruction. In addition to the Supreme Kai that watch over each Universe from the Sacred World of the Kai , there is also the Supreme Kai of Time only in Dragon Ball Heroes manga and some video games that watches over time and space from the Time Nest , with the important role of protecting the history of the Universe, a position she obtained after raising the divine bird Tokitoki which has the power to create time into an adult.

Shin states that each Universe 7 Supreme Kai could defeat the tyrant Frieza before he had trained in one blow in the Funimation dub he states that each of the Supreme Kai were a thousand times more powerful than Frieza. But all except for him were killed Old Kai also survived the incident as well due to being trapped in the Z-Sword and Chronoa survived as she lives within the Time Nest or absorbed by Majin Buu in 5 Million Before Age , resulting in the mindless killing machine seen in the first two forms of Buu being “tamed” into becoming the innocuous fat Majin Buu first shown in the series.

However, they can still die, though this does not affect them much, as they are already in Other World. Being heavenly deities, they usually retain their bodies after death and receive halos but are not forced to visit King Yemma ; this is likely due to the supremacy they have over the giant ogre. Supreme Kais are linked to the God of Destruction of their universe, and if the Gods of Destruction were to die, all of the Supreme Kais would too, as to offset the balance of that particular universe.

Supreme Kais all wear Potara earrings in order to display their position. They, like the Gods of Destruction, play a role in the long-term development and evolution of the universe of their position.

While they usually observe the development of their Universe, occasionally certain threats force them to take action to protect their Universe and depending upon their relationship with their Universe’s God of Destruction they may work with them to deal with the threat such as Shin working with Beerus to expose Zamasu. However as shown by the histories of Kid Buu and Moro, Beerus’ tendency to sleep for long periods forces them to deal with threats that a God of Destruction would be better suited to deal with though as shown by Moro’s escape from prison, Beerus will refuse to deal with potential threats himself especially when he can rely on powerful mortals like the Dragon Team to deal with such problems.

However Shin and Kibito are also shown to avoid direct conflict with threats upon becoming allied with them during the Majin Buu conflict. Also as shown by Frieza’s ability to maintain an empire despite his evil ways and Shin admittingly being capable of defeating him, he took no action against him though this presumably is due to Frieza being Beerus’ Agent of Destruction. They wear exclusive green Potara earrings that only Supreme Kais can wear, denoting them as being Supreme Kai themselves, just of a lesser ranking.

Those in this position aren’t considered official Supreme Kais, but their master can temporarily promote them to the position. According to Zamasu , while in this position he is considered a Kai even though he resigned from the role of North Kai of Universe For one to officially gain this status, they must undergo a special ritual performed by the Supreme Kai training them.

The ritual grants them certain heightened capacities including the power of healing. Old Kai’s ritual also has the added bonus to unlocks one’s potential power and focus it well-beyond its limits. In the manga, as shown by Future Trunks , one holds this position even if his master dies. Also, as stated by Shin , one loses the power of healing when he becomes a full Supreme Kai. Anyone can potentially become a disciple of a Supreme Kai. It is unknown if all Supreme Kai attendants and apprentices also are disciples.

Former Supreme Kais have a special status with respect to other deities. Some Supreme Kais have lost their official position while being inactive for millions of years, but still are considered Supreme Kais.

Examples include Old Kai who was sealed inside the Z Sword , he now acts as an aide and advisor to the current Supreme Kai of Universe 7, Shin, and is the only deity without a current official position to be able to attend the Tournament of Power other minor Supreme Kais weren’t.

Another example is Grand Supreme Kai who was absorbed by Majin Buu and now acts through Good Buu , he states that he still is a Supreme Kai and as such he can use teleportation. They hold no official position in Universe 7 since it has been stated in different occasions that the only Supreme Kai currently linked with Beerus is Shin.

Though in some cases they can fill in as a substitute in authority if none of the current Supreme Kais is around to handle a threat. An Unofficial Supreme Kai is a Supreme Kai who has taken on the mantle but was never properly appointed to the position. One in this position has access to some of the powers of a full Supreme Kai, e. The only known example is Goku Black while Future Zamasu chose to remain a disciple in order to mantain his healing powers.

Under their rule, the role of Supreme Kai changed radically. Instead of being peaceful watchers and advisors, the Supreme Kais are now allowed to take action unto their creations, similar to a God of Destruction but in a more active sense. However, these actions seen though as “righteous” would be considered “immoral”.

Such actions Zeno would never approve of if he was to find out about. Despite this, however, they are not immune to corruption, and indeed can, in fact, become evil, the examples being various incarnations of Zamasu. Also, unlike Zeno , Future Zeno , and the Angels , whom they serve, and like the Gods of Destruction, they share the emotions that mortals possess and are prone to the same revolt and rage, to abuse of power, injustice, evil, and tyranny.

They are also capable of lust and be sexually attracted to other Supreme Kai or mortals as demonstrated by Old Kai who is a lecherous old man showing that unlike Guardians , Supreme Kais do not need to be pure hearted. Though usually to a much lesser extent and frequency than the Gods of Destruction, the Supreme Kais can also be nonchalant and boastful, and, although Roh is the best example of this, the Supreme Kais of the universes spared by Zeno and Future Zeno, Anato , Ogma , Iru and Agu , from Universes 1, 5, 8 and 12, respectively, briefly brag amongst themselves before the third match of the Zeno Expo.

They are also well-mannered and have a sense of humor, much like the Gods of Destruction and the Angels, and respect them both, which also earns their respect, as the Angels tend to call them by title as often as the Destroyers. As gods, the Supreme Kais possess a high degree of might, with each of the Supreme Kais of Universe 7 being said to be strong enough to defeat Frieza before his training in a single blow. Attendant Supreme Kais are notably much weaker than main Supreme Kais, as the attendant, Kibito was said to only have power roughly equivalent to base Gohan during the World Martial Arts Tournament.

However, they are not the strongest gods in existence, as the Gods of Destruction and the Angels are usually both far more powerful than they are. There have also been mortals who have surpassed Supreme Kais in power. While the Supreme Kais tend to fearfully respect their counterparts, they cannot be killed by them, as they would perish with them, due to their life link, and are actually civil to one another for most of the time. They are also subservient to Zeno and his attendant, the Grand Minister , who are their superiors.

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