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Strife veteran edition cheats.Strife cheat codes


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Mar 15,  · This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Strife for you’ve discovered a cheat you’d like to add to the page, or have a correction, please. Strife: Veteran Edition – Codes & Secrets (On-Going) This Guide contains Codes & Secrets for Strife: Veteran Edition (HD Demo & Retail Versions). NOTE: For Single Player Mode use Only. But Will Also Disable Achivements. This item has been added to your Favorites. May 31,  · Various people have gathered to create a project to emulate and imitate Strife as close as possible. Stephen Kick, founder and CEO of Night Dive Studios which released Strife: Veteran Edition which is an update of the standalone game has made efforts to recover the source code from a backup of Rogue Entertainment’s assets, but only ended up Operating System: PC, LNX, MAC, NS.


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Mar 15,  · This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Strife for you’ve discovered a cheat you’d like to add to the page, or have a correction, please. In this Guide, I will walk you through on how to get the Best Ending for the Commercial Version of Strife: Veteran Edition. Otherwise known as Strife: Quest for the Sigil. (NOTE: This the Third and Final Game to use the DOOM Engine outside of the DOOM Series.) 1. Prolouge You start in an Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. May 31,  · Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Walkthroughs and Secrets for The Original Strife: Veteran Edition on the PC, with a game help system for those that are stuck Cheats, Hints & Walkthroughs 3DSOperating System: PC.
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Otherwise known as Strife: Quest for the Sigil. When out, walk straight across the field and into the passage. Go right and then right again to end up where Rowan is.

Talk to him to receive some gold and a Com Unit. Mission Accomplished. Now that you have started working for the Front it is time to find their HQ. During the walk you will get some instructions from your new guide, Blackbird.

Go through the door on your left and then the one on your right and talk to Geoff. Hopefully Blackbird will have told you the code so that Geoff will open the door. Go inside and press the button and then head down the stairs to end up in the Front base.

Walk across the storage room and straight down the corridor and you will meet Macil. Continue along the corridors until you get outside. Then continue along the path to get to a room with a person. Flip the switch and then go back up the stairs and head right to get to the Reclamation Tank. Walk over to the pipe and turn the valve to purge the Reclamation Tank. Jump down to re-enter the sewers. Go left through the long corridor until you find a staircase on your left.

Go up it and enter the door. Kill the guard and take the stuff in the room. Then exit and continue walking through the corridor to find an door on your right. Open it and go up the stairs on your right. Go into the hole in the wall, jump up on the pipe and follow it until you can drop down on its left side. Turn the valve and exit the room. Then head left, going back through the corridor until you get back into the room where you entered.

Go left and open the door. Kill the sentiels and press the button to open a door which leads to an elevator. Use it and then flip the switch, revealing the gate mechanism. Back off and use the grenade launcher to blow it up. Save first, in case you miss… Then walk past it, go down the elevator and exit. Now go back and go down the long corridor. Watch out for sentiels. Walk along the corridor until you get back to where you entered the castle.

Go into the room with the guard and use the teleporter in there. Open the door in front of you, walk out and turn around. Go down the corridor and down the elevator. Exit, turn left, open the door and use the elevator.

Follow the path to get back into town. Now go to Irale to get a Flamethrower. Then head back to the Front base and talk to Macil. The room straight ahead is a trap. Go down either of the corridors and you will end up in a large room with acolytes.

Kill them and then press the switch on the backside of the altar. Shoot down a couple of HE grenades to kill the acolytes at the bottom of the staircase and then walk down. Then continue into the large room. There are some acolytes in the pool and walking up any of the stairs will release a couple of crusaders, so watch out.

Kill the crusaders and then search for a third one. When all of them are dead the wall to the Programmer will be lowered. Go up the stairs until you find the pyramid. Then turn left and walk across the yard to find another door at the end. Go in and up the stairs to find a button. Press it, then go down. Now the entrance will open. Kill the guards with poison arrows, then enter. As you enter, you will be attacke by lots of enemies. Continue forward for as long as possible until you find a room with a button.

Press it, then exit. Go up any of the stairs to your left and right, then take the unlocked elevator to the left. Go up the stairs to a room with some computers and acolytes. Press the button and take the elevator down. At the bottom, press the button and get back up. Pull the chain and go back down the stairs to the elevator. Take the elevator down, then take the other unlocked elevator up. Same drill here, go up the stairs, press the button, take elevator down, press button, pull chain, get back.

Take the elevator down and head right. Now a room with some computers has been unlocked. Go in and press the skeleton. That will lower some stairs. Go up and kill the guards. They will teleport away, but be sure to kill them. Then go up and face the Bishop. First kill the Oracle, then turn around and his Spectre will teleport to that location. Shoot it with the Sigil until it dies. His guards will attack you, but they wont be much of a nuisance.

They might even be killed by the Spectre … You could shoot the guards with poison arrows before fighting with the Oracle, though. After defeating the Spectre you will get the third piece of the Sigil. After that, return to the base and talk to Macil. This temple is crawling with enemies, so be on your guard… A good way to get rid of the more dangerous enemies is to stay in the part you entered and shoot some WP Grenades into the corridor.

Collect it and then go take a look into the central courtyard. Kill the visible enemies and then walk up to the temple in the middle. Talk to Macil and he will attack you. The Spectre can be annoying though.

Just apply the standard avoid-attacks-while-attacking routine. As with all Spectres, only the Sigil works. After Macil is dead, you will get another part of the Sigil. Go down the elevator and continue down the corridor. Kill the enemies in the large room and then go to the two doors. Turn right in front of them and go up the staircase.

Follow the path and go through the small door. Press the button and exit. Go back to the two door and go through them. Kill the guards on your left, then open the door to spot an inquisitor. USe the elevator and go up the staircase to find a button. Press it to reveal a couple of crusades. Kill then and then go back down to the elevator.

Walk straight across it to get to where the crusaders were. Go forward and turn left at the round elevator to find a switch. Use it, then go back to the round elevator and use it. Go up the stairs in front of you and continue down the path. When you come up to the bars, they will open.