Smart board firmware update.1038 – ActivBoard 100 and 300 series firmware upgrade instructions


Smart board firmware update.Upgrading the firmware on your SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard


Applicable to:.Upgrading the firmware on your SMART Board series interactive whiteboard


This chapter explains how to download and insta ll the update to the SMART Board i interactive whiteboard system firmware. Updating the Firmware through a Computer Updating the firmware through a computer involves: 1. installing the Unifi 35 projector updater 2. connecting the Unifi 35 projector to the computer 3. updating the firmwareFile Size: 2MB. Oct 11,  · The wizard scans your computer and displays a list of connected SMART interactive products. Select the SC14 or SC15 check box, and then click Next. The updater upgrades your firmware. Important: Do not disconnect your SMART Board interactive whiteboard from your computer during the upgrade. Click Finish when the upgrade is complete, and then. Jun 25,  · Téléchargements des logiciels. Pour accéder au dernier logiciel de votre appareil Promethean, cliquez sur le (s) lien (s) approprié (s) ci-dessous, afin de télécharger le logiciel et les instructions d’installation: Software-Downloads.


Smart board firmware update.- ActivBoard / series firmware upgrade | Promethean Support

Follow these instructions to upgrade the firmware on your ActivBoard and series. This helps resolve certain problems such as pen interaction issues. To update firmware. See SMART Board 60Pro downloads. Updating system software. When the display is connected to the Internet, it updates its system software automatically. When a system software update is available, the display downloads the update in the background then waits for four hours of inactivity. After completing the download process, Unzip the firmware using WinRAR and move the folder into the empty USB Flash Drive. Connect the USB Flash Drive with the TV’s USB Port. Use the remote control and go to settings > Support > Software update > Select Update Now then click YES. Samsung TV Firmware Update Using USB.
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The firmware upgrade should only be carried out on the advice of Promethean Technical Customer Support. Firmware upgrades should be carried out using a computer that is connected directly to the interactive display device, bypassing any connection plates or wall boxes, using a 3m USB cable.

If you are unsure about performing the firmware upgrade, please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support. Download the firmware file provided by Promethean Technical Customer Support and save it to your desktop. Ensure the Hardware tab is selected then highlight the ActivBoard.

Click Upgrade. Select File and click Load. Navigate to your desktop and locate the firmware file that you downloaded. Click Open.

Click Yes to proceed. A confirmation dialog opens; click OK then Close. The ActivBoard has been upgraded. If you still need technical support, please contact us. Retrieving the firmware file Download the firmware file provided by Promethean Technical Customer Support and save it to your desktop.

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