Shadow fight 2 best weapon.Top 10 Weapons in Shadow Fight 2


Shadow fight 2 best weapon.Shadow Fight 2


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Pubg is the most popular game in the word which people like most. Here are the 3 best reason which makes pubg best. 1) Shooting Mechanics PlayerUnknown’s Battleground shooting mechanics is one of the best. The realistic shooting with different rec. Mar 07,  · The game shadow fight 2 mod apk all weapons unlocked level 52 is amazing. The locations, music, weapons, armors,helms, ranged weapons, magic, and the unbeatable bosses were unbelievable. The fights I have fought, the bosses whom I have beaten, and the experience of underworld playing everything was enjoyed by me. shadow fight 2 mod apk The. Feb 20,  · To play as Titan, there is a Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod Apk. This is the best hack mod of the game, to play as Titan, activate titan mod and fight as the strongest gladiator. Convenient Controls: Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk control system is very similar to .


Shadow fight 2 best weapon.Which weapons are best to defeat Hermit in Shadow Fight 2? – Quora

Feb 20,  · To play as Titan, there is a Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod Apk. This is the best hack mod of the game, to play as Titan, activate titan mod and fight as the strongest gladiator. Convenient Controls: Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk control system is very similar to . Best weapon in shadow fight 2 and has the capability to defeat shogun. How it can 29th it is the best weapon ever had in shadow fight 2. 23 Hermit’s Swords. It’s great. U can rock any kind of survival with it. Probably the best boss weapon ever with titans sword, lynx ckaws and shogun katanas. Mar 04,  · So complete chapters, level-up, equip powerful armor, weapons, and add new abilities to progress fast in Shadow Fight 3. Also, see – Best action games for Android. Equipment; Weapon, Armor, Ability -Shadow Fight 3 – #Guide 2. On the main screen of Shadow Fight .
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Before we start the weapons, there are several types of weapons to choose from. The game has a nice set of weapons. The only flaw is that it is not categorized properly. But, let’s categorize the melee weapons according to their ranges.

Let’s also base the tiers tier 1, tier 2, tier We’ll put them into a category by using 2 letters, the first which is an uppercase, that represents what range they could take, and the second which is a lowercase, that represents the management of the weapon. So, a weapon would be categorized as “Aa”, as an example.

The weapons are categorized according to their “front double-punch” combo. K – Knuckle-based weapons. These are weapons used for ranges that utilizes your wrists such as Knuckles. These type of weapons are best used in very close combats, and usually, are used for offense.

These weapons are famous for their “small, but terrible” attacks, inflicting high damage in the head with one swing. S – Short Ranged weapons. These weapons are used with a short extension. Knives-type Slash and cut, the damage is done at its best when the strike hit directly the head of the opponent. These type of weapons are best used in close combats, and usually, are used for offense.

M – Medium Ranged weapons – These weapons are commonly used with medium-range combat. However, there are three types of Medium Ranged: a machete variants, b ninja sword variants, and c staff variants.

With a little slow, but sure, slashes, these weapons can cut your opponents at medium to high damage. These weapons are good for counter attacks, and when executed properly, can stop the current move of your opponent.

L – Long Ranged weapons – These long ranged weapons are greatly used with long range combat. These weapons have 2 types: a the spear variants, and b kusarigama variants. These weapons are best used when avoiding the close strike of your opponent.

Be careful, though, the ranged, magic, and perks if you’re fighting a boss are also greatly used if you’re far away from them. H – Heavy weapons – These weapons are great in terms with damage, medium in terms of range, but not with weapon management. Although these weapons inflict great damage, it also requires more time to be done, making you more vulnerable to the opponent’s attacks. R – Non-melee weapons – Although some weapons are melee, some weapons like the Plasma Rifle are melee.

However, their special attack says otherwise. These attacks can reach from edge-to-edge. These dual knives are close range and can inflict high amounts of damage if you’re able to hit the head with the super slash, strong slash and spinning slash.

Make sure to close the gap between your opponent since this weapon has terrible punishing potential as most weapons can out range the knives. Despite their close range class, the super slash on the knuckles is a great tool to approach enemies from medium range but do use this wisely since it’s a very punishable move as the active frames on the move is stupidly long.

Sais Sb – These sharp-edged babies can magically cut through your opponent. With this weapon, you are able to play passively and wait for your opponent to attack.

The move set on the Sais are fairly quick compared to other weapons and can reach from edge to half stage. Despite this, you are vulnerable to counter-attacks as the end lag frames on your moves are high. Since the Sais do low damage when compared to the knives and knuckles, you’ll have to innovate combos and strings. Steel Batons Sa – Fast and strong, Steel batons are great for playing aggressively. Contrast to the Sais, your move set is fast and strong but they don’t have amazing reach.

The Batons are strong fast hitters, the move set is incredibly intuitive and most attacks hit the head. It has a built-in “Frenzy” enchantment, gradually boosting your power damage. Tonfas are fast and are head hitters. You will find yourself easily hitting them heads as you spam that “super slash”. But of course, these weapons have a down side. They may be fast but are punishable since they have a lot of active frames.

Another problem with this weapon is the reach, it’s around the same range as the knives. This ain’t an ordinary nunchaku. It has a built-in “Overheat” enchantment that can greatly increase your strike damage, if you’re lucky.

The Nunchucku is a solid weapon, having medium range and average damage. You’ll find yourself easily making 3 to 4 combos as some attacks such as the low slash and spinning slash have two hits. Attacks can be hard to control since they last a fair amount of time, so make sure use your kicks to ensure a good set up for your combo. The super slash on this weapon is not the best, since it does not hit consistently.

Its special combo is a nice head-stomach-head if executed properly hit, that could actually stun the opponent. Machetes are the first “sword class” weapon you’ll get your hands on. These are a bit more versatile than your knives as you can give yourself some space.

I personally find them just better than the “Knife” class since I’m able to punish more moves. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Jjj Contents. Categories :. Cancel Save. Fan Feed. Universal Conquest Wiki.