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How do I prolong my family tree and get Generals in Rome Total War? Ask Question What increases the chances of having sons in Rome Total War? I need them for heavy generals (I have 76 daughters and 3 living sons). Is there a “Special” trait that would allow me to have more sons and to continue my family chain? rome-total-war. Family trees in the recent total war games. Since Medieval 2, the total war games basically did away with the family trees, even though shogun did have them it was obviously not as detailed at all. But i feel that since they took out that feature it’s taken a huge chunk of that personal player to faction reltionship out of the game, I mean medieval europe or medieval japan or ancient rome all focused directly on . Jul 13,  · The Family Tree, a staple feature of historical Total War games, is finally being added to Total War: Rome II as part of the free Ancestral Update. Said update will also make a number of Author: Richard Scott-Jones.


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Feb 19,  · The only family member that I could make the change to was the Faction Leader. I was able to change the name (using the names already on the descr_) and age of the Faction Leader with no apparent crashes or changes to the family tree. Once your Faction Leader has no wife on the family tree, it’s basically screwed. It will not work right. This article is a stub. You can help the Total War Wiki by expanding Tree is a gameplay mechanics in Total War series. Oct 28,  · Good Breeding: A guide to taking care of your family tree. Greetings, this is partly in response to the people having trouble getting good generals married, and just as a guide to those who wish to have a well bred family. First of all, let me show you my family tree from my Denmark campaign.
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Since Medieval 2 , the total war games basically did away with the family trees, even though shogun did have them it was obviously not as detailed at all. But i feel that since they took out that feature it’s taken a huge chunk of that personal player to faction reltionship out of the game, I mean medieval europe or medieval japan or ancient rome all focused directly on there royal families and that was the foundation of the kingdoms ambitions and exploits.

So to take what brought a player extremely close and personal to there faction and take it out was very dumb founding truthfully. I mean come on how many of us have put a lot of time into there royal families and keeping the direct male line in tact through hundreds of turns and trying to basically create a dynasty within our faction. I just personally think it was the biggest down fall of the total war games since medieval 2 and i sincerely miss it.

I agree with you however Many societies like Rome, Athens and others had different methods of governance that where more complicated than monarchies. It wouldnt be accurate, despite it being cool to give for example Athens a royal “family tree” since its political system was based on Archons etc.

I think it would be better that there was a summary screen which listed all former and current important characters in your faction. Their wives, what family they belong to, and how long they ruled for. Deceased characters would be shown with a “statue” as their image like in Rome 1. EDIT: basically a family tree but without “lines” to connect characters to one another Just my opinion.

A better political system would certainly be nice though. Edit: What Vasilefs Harry said would be cool also, an indicator and record of current and deceased political characters. And really the only factions that should get a family tree are actual kingdoms i. Macedon, Ptolemaic Egypt, etc because while republics like Rome and Carthage did certainly have much to do with families there would be far too many families to represent.

It would be nice to have some place to store information about dead generals though, even if it’s not necessarily a “family tree” I’ll admit. By and large though I’d prefer an expanded politics system to RPG fluff. You are both right, I know that Rome and Athens both had republics and democracys but 8 out of 10 kingdoms throughout history were all ruled through royal families. I mean considering as the game goes on you have the option to become a dictatorship playing as Rome that’s when i think it wouldent have hurt to put in a family tree.

Considering after Augustus there were probably emperors that all stemmed down the royal line. Sorry, I have the others but have only played the Romes! In Rome I, if a family member was assassinated it felt personal, while in Rome II it’s simply a minor annoyance playing as Rome especially, since other houses can contribute generals. Though moving family members around the campaign map in Rome I was difficult it was also realistic, personal, and felt more rewarding to have the right person in the right place at the right time.

In Rome II, characters just Having your dynasty as characters on the map is simply more compelling gameplay. While there were indeed plenty of other methods of governance in ancient times, and though I wish there were other ways to govern cities in Rome I, the family unit feeling was far more powerful and rewarding in Rome I than in Rome II. What they ought to do imo is make it so theres a point to politcs at all. Right now it only exists to allow the player an attempt to prevent the civil war at a random time Which, almost always happens randomly even when trying to balance power.

Speaking of that, the civil war should happen multiple times, and should actually have rebelling generals taking your armies with them instead of spamming randoms from no where. It just doesn’t make sense gameplay wise or historically.

Your all right, I mean lets be honest guys Medieval 2 and the games before it actually had a point to the politics and royal family trees, now you just basically have characters who have no personal interest to you whether they die or live and are just pawns to moe your armies.

How could you put a family tree or extensive politic system in when they’ve made it to were theres no point in any of that at all. And it’s a shame because there was a more personal take on characters you had when they tried to kinda make them realistic and give them traits and ancilliaries and have the option to marry them of and keep your line going or whatever your motive. Ya man the family tree was my favorite thing that they removed. I feel no connections with any of my generals now instead they are just generic randoms.

Sad how they ruined such a great game. Id never get bored playing these games until they slowly took away great parts of this game. So stupid. They had to do it lol. If a familiy still could die out than most of the families genocide on your spearwall.

Talking Shogun2 here. And in Rome2 we again get blank slates to lvl up to about 5 stars and than they die again. Rince repeat. Loads of people young and old play wargames. Not all of them want to be bothered by those extra layers of management or Politics system. Maybe they ditched it for the most part to appeal the largest possible crowd? We are talking Sega now. Removing the family tree was the single most mistake of Rome 2. It really made no sense and those responsible showed a poor understanding of TW and their playerbase.

The tree told a story , a narrative of your dynasty. In my last S2 game , my leader had 4 sons. All became powerful generals and heads of their own armies. One rebelled, another was assasinated, the third fell in battle and the youngest went on to become Shogun. That is the essence of the whole fxxxing franchise. Sorry , but it gets me rilled , even 7 months later. Anyone who reads any history knows its importance. Just look at Ghenghis Khan and his heirs.

Or has the likes of the Golden Horde lost its significance? I know in S2 I didnt send my favorite Generals into bad situations but they werefront and center when capturing Kyoto. I think the political system was suppose to be a lot deeper then it is, but it was cut out because for the time needed to flush it out, and they CA didn’t think it would have added enough to the game. That’s our goal.

That’s what we tell Sega. Minden jog fenntartva.