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Mar 30,  · 4. lightning plant kills. 5. 15 Suburbinaion wins. 6. fire plant kills. 7. 30 multikills (how is this an epic quest lol) Im not sure if ive missed one or two along the way, there was one day when no quest appeared. Only a matter of time. Plants vs. Zombies 2 Guides Here’s a quick walkthrough and strategy guide for the Epic Quest: Rescue the Gold Bloom stages. in the strategy defense game – Plants vs. Zombies 2: Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Since this level is a choice, you should bring some defensive plants such as: Tall-nut or Primal Wall-nut to easily cause Zombie Bull and Rodeo Legend Zombie to stop charging, Rodeo Legend Zombie is a big problem because they can easily destroy plants and arrive close to the player’s house because of sandstorms/snowstorms, you can easily push them back with Chard Guard, but its best to easily .


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Apr 07,  · Epic Quest: Explode-O-Vine! is anEpic Questthat features 5 levels for Explode-o-Vine. The reward is 50Explode-o-Vine seed packets. 1 Step 1 Waves 2 Step 2 Waves 3 Step 3 Waves 4 Step 4 5 Step 5 Waves In this level, the player is giving Bonk Choy, Fume-shroom, and Explode-o-Vine. This Penny’s Pursuit Charge Up is to unlock and level up Explode-o-Nut and was offered between May 19, through May 26, This Quest focuses on the S. Apr 21,  · Primal Wall-nut will be a very helpful plant in preventing zombies from entering it lanes, however keep in mind that zombies can also be dropped off by Pterodactyl, and since Squash can also attack behind then he will also squash backward zombies to, so also plant Primal Wall-nut in the back, the endangered Hot Date can attract zombies from the endangered lanes, but this is unlikely because .
Epic Quest: Headbutter Lettuce!
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Epic Quest: Explode-O-Vine! | Plants vs. Zombies Wiki | Fandom

Epic Quest: Headbutter Lettuce! This level is extremely dangerous because of how much Tombstones covering the whole lawn, and since Headbutter can only attack 1 tile in front or back, it will take a while to clear all the Tombstone’s which prevents you from planting more Headbutter Lettuces to easily defeat zombies.

Octo Zombie is another big threat since he can easily wrap up Octopus from a far distance, and Headbutter Lettuce can’t damage the Octo if he is being overwhlem, which is common since there are huge amounts of Roman Shield triads in this level, however because of his powerful attack and strong health he can easily destroy all the zombies near him and damage the octopus, however by then Octo Zombie will wrap up more plants in Octopus.

Prospector Zombie is not a problem, since he jumps all the way to the other side of the lawn, Headbutter Lettuce can attack behind too. Tomb Raiser Zombie can be a problem by spawning more Tombstones on empty tile, so always plant a Headbutter Lettuce on empty tiles. There will be Necromancy of zombies, so Headbutter Lettuce should be many of them to tackle these zombies.

Don’t be surprised if you loose Lawn Mower’s , since it is pretty common to loose them in here because of Octo Zombies, there is also a chance that Headbutter Lettuce can butter him, which stalls and prevents him from warping up plants in octopus, but you will need close range. Use Plant Food on Headbutter, to clear out crowds and stall zombies. Penny : Plant Headbutter Lettuce to bash and butter zombies. Note: triad spawns at random.

Because of Headbutter Lettuce short attacking range, it will be challenging to destroy Imp Cannon ‘s, which can easily overwhelm you with Pirate Imp’s. Lightning Reed is very helpful in not only attacking zombies from far distance, but also having splash damage which damage multiple zombies at the same time, Hunter Zombie can easily freeze plants from a far distance, however because of how powerful Headbutter Lettuce is, it can easily defrost any frozen plants.

Cherry Bomb is very useful for easily destroying tough zombies such as: Centurion Zombie ‘s, but keep in mind because of the planks, you can only use it in lane: 1,3, and 5 which means that it can’t deal a 3 by 3 area. Gargantuar Primes will appear in every plank row during the final wave, but be sure to not use them right away.

Plant them, when they reach row 5, and then plant them in lane 2 or 3 so that two Gargantuar Primes can be impacted by Cherry Bomb, while Headbutter easily destroy them. Use any additional Plant Food on Headbutter Lettuce to stall zombies and deal great damage, just make sure the zombies are within its range.

Spikeweed will be very helpful against Barrel Roller Zombie so that that Barrels will easily be destroy to prevent it from crushing plants. Headbutter should also be planted in row 2 or 3, so that any launched Bug Bot Imps summoned from Gargantuar Prime will be destroyed.

Note: , , , and spawns at random. This level very very challenging. First of all, Tombstones will constantly spawn every wave and push back any plants that are planted on column 3, so plant Headbutter in near columns to destroy these tombstones. Pterodactyl’s will carry Jurassic Conehead Zombies Amberhead Zombies , and Jurassic Rockpuncher and drop them on the other side of the lawn, normally Headbutter will defeat Jurassic Conehead Zombie but Amberhead Zombie and Jurassic Rockpuncher has high health, especially Jurassic Rockpuncher who can also scorch tiles too.

The best way to get rid of them is the use Shrinking Violet , so that pterodactyl cannot carry them, however if they managed to be carried then plant some Potato Mines on were they land, so that they will be damage a lot. You can also use Tumbleweed to knock them back or possibly flick away. Deep Gargantuar’s will spawn in every wave, so you have to rely on Headbutter Lettuce to easily defeat them, Shrinking Violet can help by easily shrinking them, which is more easier for Headbutter Lettuce or Potato Mine to destroy or reduce his health dramatically, additionally Headbutter Lettuce can butter him which also more time to destroy him, use Tumblweed to knock him back which should als be use to flick away other zombies such as: Pirate Captain Zombie the summoned Zombie Parrot can easily steal plants, but when in Headbutter Lettuce range, it can destroy him and Surfer Zombie.

Keep in mind that, Explorer Zombie can instantly burn Headbutter Lettuce, and he can’t destroy him far away because of his short-range, so its best to flick him off with Tumbleweed. Zcorpion Zombie can also be a problem by summoning zombies through vases that can destroy plants, try your best to stall him with buttering by Headbutter, however don’t focus all your attack on Zcorpion Zombies since he will eventually self-destruct, just plant close to him, so that he won’t launch vases very far.

All-Star Zombie can easily tackle your plants. Use plant food on Headbutter, to destroy some close range zombie helpful against Gargantuar or backward zombies or use it on Potato Mine to duplicate itself to detonate and damage more zombies. The biggest problem in this level is protecting the endangered Squash , where if a zombies enter’s it range then Squash will squash on him and thus disappearing which makes you loose the level.

Primal Wall-nut will be a very helpful plant in preventing zombies from entering it lanes, however keep in mind that zombies can also be dropped off by Pterodactyl, and since Squash can also attack behind then he will also squash backward zombies to, so also plant Primal Wall-nut in the back, the endangered Hot Date can attract zombies from the endangered lanes, but this is unlikely because they have to be in the Squash range to be attracted and by then Squash would already have disappear.

Having a level 3 or higher Squash can work because after squashing the first zombie, he won’t disappear but only after squashing the second time, you can also use Enforce-mint to make him last several squashing as well as boost Headbutter which can easily prevent zombies from entering the Squash range, Split Pea is also helpful since he can attack with more firepower behind, which can easily damage weak zombies dropped off, stronger zombies such as: Jurassic Fossilhead , Amberhead Zombie, or Jurassic Bully should be taken care of by Headbutter Lettuce, make sure they are being stalled by Primal-Wall nut.

Jurassic Rockpuncher is a big problem because he can easily destroy and scorch tiles, he is even more dangerous when dropped off by pterodactyl. Primal-wall nut can withstand 3 attacks, so be sure to replace him before his final withstanding. Dodo Rider Zombie can also fly over Primal-wall nut, which make him useless, use Headbutter Lettuce to easily destroy him.

Keep note that Headbutter Lettuce can also butter zombies, which prevents them from moving which is helpful against strong zombies. Use Plant Food on Split Pea or Headbutter Lettuce make sure he is in column 1,2,or 3 to easily destroy backward zombies if they are close, or on Squash to destroy groups of zombies, prefer with Enforce-mint to deal stronger squashing and longer duration.

The frozen Snap Pea will be very helpful in the first few waves, so that you can focus on sun production, plant the Level 10 Headbutter Lettuce to defrost the frozen Snap Pea and focus on sun production. The Level 10 Headbutter Lettuce will be very helpful because of its strong damage, it can easily destroy tough zombies such as: Poncho Zombie and Knight Zombie , teamed up with Enforce-mint it will be very strong and can easily even take out Jurassic Gargantuar’s.

However, Frozen blocks are a serious problem because the take up most of the lawn, and worse Troglobite can push these blocks and easily crush plants. The player should use Hot Potato or plant that has a warming radius so that they can defrost these Ice blocks, be sure to have Headbutter Lettuce ready to easily destroy the defrosted zombies.

It is not recommended to not use straight-shooting plants because of Jester since he can deflect the projectiles and damage plants, other zombies such as: Tomb Raiser Zombie , Surfer Zombie , and Zombie Medusa also shows why you should not use straight shooting plants, in the most case Headbutter Lettuce can easily take care most of the zombies here, try having explosive such as: Cherry Bomb or Primal Potato Mine to clear out some crowds so that Headbutter Lettuce won’t be over overwhelm, Iceberg Lettuce can be helpful in blowing out Prospector Zombie dynamite so that he won’t jump to the other side of the lawn, and if he manages then Headbutter can easily destroy him.

Try your best to use Snap Pea on Zombie Medusa because once Snap Pea spits out the head, it can stonify zombies in a 3 by 3 area which is very helpful. Blover is another helpful option since it can blow away Blastronaut Zombie. All Troglobites pushes 2 Ice Blocks. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Play Sound. They can be tough nuts to crack. This article is under construction and requires more content.

You can help our wiki by expanding it. The zombies ate your brains! This subject currently has no proper strategy associated with it. If you have figured out a good strategy, please add it or the zombies will eat your brains! The quest listed below is sometimes exclusive to certain events, and cannot always be played in game. When the quest is available, it will be noted as such.

It is currently not available. Epic Quests levels. Epic Quest: Explode-O-Vine! Premium Seeds – Applemortar! Premium Seeds – Cactus! Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Plants vs. Zombies 2 1 Plants vs. Zombies 3. Universal Conquest Wiki. Carries 1x Plant Food. Carries 1x Plant Food 3. Carries 1x Plant Food 2 3. Carries 1x Plant Food 1 5.