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I have come across a problem with Zahua’s quest. After defeating the Kraken and concluding the main story in White March, part 2, I speak to Zahua and go through the dialogue options to trigger his quest. After resting, a speech bubble is displayed in Zahua’s portrait, indicating that he wants to talk to me. In his list of dialogue options, the option “You said you swore to return to liberate. To trigger this quest, you’ll have to do two things: you’ll have to add Zahua to your party (you’ll find him in a barrel in Stalwart Village, #1), and you’ll have to talk to him so you can learn about his desire to become an “anitlei,” which will allow him to free his people — the Tacan — from the Quechmatl. Zahua will become available as a companion in Part 1, but you’ll only be able to talk to him enough to trigger the quest in . Apr 02,  · This page will guide you through the process of creating your custom Pillars of Eternity I history by choosing manually your decisions on certain quests and situations from previous game. Your decisions affect how various NPCs will react on you, what bonus items or talents you’ll have, and what status your returning Companions will have.. Creating custom legacy.


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I decided to put Zahua and Maneha at my front lines, and was picking talents fairly haphazardly (didn’t spend a ton of time poring over the pros and cons). I set them both up as dual wielders (Zahua unarmed), and gave them heavier armor, figuring their high CON and DR would keep them upright. The result has been constant deaths for them. Apr 06,  · Following the trails of the Leaden Key leads Dulf’s team to the icy North of the White March where they are set upon by a wandering group of evil monks who beat Pallegina into a pulp and breaking all her bones! The paladin does not survive these injuries. Fortunately a friendlier monk named Zahua comes to their aid to defeat these attackers, and in thanks Dulf takes him back to the . Sep 01,  · Tips on Zahua and my overall party! By SparocheeDoom, August 31, in Pillars of Eternity: Characters Builds, Strategies & the Unity Engine (Spoiler Warning!).
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Gameplay help self. I’m doing my first playthrough with the White March DLCs finished one playthrough without way back , and I arrived in Stalwart at level 8. I decided to put Zahua and Maneha at my front lines, and was picking talents fairly haphazardly didn’t spend a ton of time poring over the pros and cons.

I set them both up as dual wielders Zahua unarmed , and gave them heavier armor, figuring their high CON and DR would keep them upright. The result has been constant deaths for them. Maneha has such bad deflection that she often gets swarmed as an easy target. My Watcher is a dual-wield cipher and I tend to have him let the frontline get set, and then move in to flank.

I usually pick them up around level 10 and don’t have much trouble keeping either alive. This is with starting armor and minimal items on Normal. Ahh, yeah I’ve been a bit negligent as far as really controlling them as well as I could. I just hadn’t had issues with Eder or Pallegina and even Kana to this point as durable frontliners, so was a bit surprised. I send Zahua after support casters, etc and Maneha against mobs of soft, squishy things like xaurips, spiders, etc.

I don’t play any of them as tanks even though they are both front line. Yeah I think ultimately while they could pass as tanks, they are better suited to roles you mentioned. The high CON values made me think tank, but Maneha’s deflection is kinda sad by default. Here’s a good build for Zahua , but note that the author updated it, post I’ve stuck pretty close to this, and it makes for a quite solid front-liner. Maneha takes a little more work Barbarians really do work best as Flankers , but it should be manageable.

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