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Sep 02,  · dot in the middle of the HUD/screen am i the only one who find the dot in the weapon’s crosshair annoying and not useful at all? A moderator of this forum has marked a . May 18,  · If you need it down to the exact pixel just open up paint, draw lines and measure out by pixel and put a piece of tape on the monitor and center the dot there. The middle dot (a.k.a. interpunct) is often used as a list separator, or in e.g. dictionaries for separating parts of a word (though in Unicode that is technically a different, but most often identical looking character: ‧). To produce a middle dot character: Windows Alt (on the numerical keyboard, with Num lock on) OS X.


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Jul 30,  · Do what the rest of the lamers do, get out a felt-tip pen and put a dot in the middle of the screen. It has the benefits of doing what you ask and at the same time, you can’t get banned for it. Gaming Monitors. Product Details. “I have a small red dot In the middle of my screen. How do I get rid of it or should I return and exchange it. I’m using this as a computer monitor, connected to my laptop.”. Asked by RedDot 1 year ago. Answer This Question. See all questions & answers. ASUS – VGH 24” FHD 1ms FreeSync Console Gaming. Dry erase marker, simple and effective without the need for programs. 3. level 1. [FEDX] [USPS] [DHLE] ahiggs. 6 years ago. I can send you a program I wrote in c++ that puts a + in the middle of the screen. But you have to play in either windowed or full screen windowed mode. PM me if you’re intrested.
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Community IRC channel. New player tips and tricks. A Planetside Guide. Reddit Planetside 2 Team Tracker. Secret Tips for Planetmans. Latest Update Notes. Planetside 2 Issue Tracker. Which are good “center of screen dot” overlays? I want a program that puts a dot on the center of my screen, nothing more, nothing less. What programs are good at doing this with PS2 and are also permited?

This bad boy has that functionality built into it. I was just telling my friend the other night, why don’t they make those built-in into the monitor take that, SOE 😛 and today i see this link :.

I just cancelled my ASUS 24″ monitor order from amazon and ordered this one instead. Yeah, I think this deserves gold! I think not :P. Find out the “flow” of the base. By flow, figure out where most players will be and position your self accordingly that will put you in a good place be mindful of cover if you’re infantry. As with 2, try to always break the line of sight with the enemy. If they can’t see you, they can’t shoot you. I use a Logitech G and this Steel series mouse pad.

If you’re playing with a competent team, they should always be putting down darts, radar, etc. This website is great for fine tuning your mouse. Try not to hold down the mouse button when trying to kill people there are exceptions to the rule of course.

Try to get a “feel” for the recoil of weapons. That way, you’ll get a handle of the COF and the recoil pattern. I put a piece of clear tape and then put a small self drawn crosshair over it.

Works for me because it’s a simple solution. I don’t think soe has a problem with overlays, if you just search overlay on this subreddit you’ll see one. Not sure how good it is though. You’ll want more than just one dot in the center. Some off to each side and some below to fill in the gap on most vehicle optics and on the base turrets.

Space them evenly. But you have to play in either windowed or full screen windowed mode. PM me if you’re intrested. From everything I’ve read SOE employees have said as much on a few occasions. There’s been some back and forth on the matter. I think the current standing is it’s considered okay because of the fucked sight alignments. And run in full screen windowed. You may need to edit the position, frame rate, and animation inside custom desktop logo.

I tried that, and it worked great as a crosshair, but it forced my fps down to Is there any way to use this without it killing my fps? IMO overlays should be bannable.

I know it’s not but it should be. Excuse me? Misaligned sights aren’t a feature of the game, they’re a design failure. Gun sights should show where the gun is aiming, and we shouldn’t have to use an overlay to get this functionality. Circumventing a broken system isn’t just a right, it’s a duty. Once everyone starts using overlays maybe they’ll see how ridiculous this is and fix the damn problem.

My boyfriend decided it was cheating when I put a red dot on my screen. We had a nice heated debate about that afterward and decided he was wrong. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Planetside comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. I know some other people that use it in PS2, though and seem to like it.

I’ve used it in other games, but your results may vary. By flow, figure out where most players will be and position your self accordingly that will put you in a good place be mindful of cover if you’re infantry Try to limit 1v1’s vs a heavy if you can.

You will more than likely lose. Get your self a good pair of head phones. Sound plays a critical role in this game as well. Good luck out there. Last time it didn’t work with 64bit programs Or use a pen.