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May 21,  · Enjoy the video!Website: : @N03/Instagram: Sep 05,  · Some of my friends fighting the Spider Queen in an Epic way!Thanks to:TurboGasPigeon – – Another walkthrough on Lego Universe I hope you like it. Another walkthrough on Lego Universe I hope you like it.


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The Darkitect spread these Stromlings across the LEGO Universe to destroy Imagination and leave chaos in their wake. A more recent explosion at Paradox Research Facility caused by the Spider Queen released far more devastating Maelstrom energies, corrupting many Paradox researchers into Stromlings. Another walkthrough on Lego Universe I hope you like it. Another walkthrough on Lego Universe I hope you like it. Aug 14,  · Meeting didn’t go that well, at the end we had to smash it.
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Spider Queen
Spider Queen
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Your feedback is only shown to the creator as well as yourself. It is not available for other users to see. The creator won’t see your user name. The picture that is posted is the Maelstrom Spider Queen. The Spider Queen was the first Maelstrom life form to be created according to Lego Universe legend, and now it can be possible to own it along with the iconic, never been made, Lego Universe faction minifigures.

With this set you will receive:. He is just for scale purposes. The Spider Queen also features a red Brick Light in the back for evil light-up Maelstrom spider eyes. In addition, the Spider Queen has two weapons on either side on the top, along with chainsaws on its legs for debricking those pesky imagination preserving minifigures. I really hope that this can become a reality. The faction gear, minifigures, and Spider Queen were very unique. It would be amazing to hold in your hands the Maelstrom enemies and minifigures we played as in the Lego Universe game.

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