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Feb 05,  · Payday 2 Overkill Pack boards the ‘Hype Train’ in March. Payday 2’s latest DLC pack is giving users a chance to board the ‘Hype Train.’ Choo-choo! Feb 25,  · The Payday 2 Steam group is used by Overkill to promote updates and news and anyone a part of it would also get free community upgrades which the crimefest bonuses were a part of. There were reports that people were making free Steam accounts with the sole purpose to join the group to inflate the numbers which Overkill didn’t ted Reading Time: 7 mins. Simon Viklund: Full Force Forward (Hype Train Remix).


Hype train payday 2.Payday 2 Overkill Pack boards the ‘Hype Train’ in March | Shacknews

Simon Viklund: Full Force Forward (Hype Train Remix). Next stop: Electric Centeri am so fucking readyThe beta is incredibleI got a mask with a one in a million chance of dropping and of course everything will be. The Hype Train was a community event for PAYDAY 2, taking place from the 5th of February to the 12th of March Like CrimeFest, The Hype Train was highly anticipated for its promise of new content, gameplay features and rewards. The Hype Train event is named and themed after the .
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Payday 2 Overkill Pack boards the ‘Hype Train’ in March

Why the Hype Train is Crashing for Payday 2 – Game Wisdom

Last year Overkill Software ran an impressive marketing event called Crimefest for their hit game Payday 2. The event featured months of lead up where players could influence the rewards they would get for free based on how many people signed up to the Payday 2 Steam group which culminated in an entire week of free updates to the game.

This year they are running the hype train event with the promise of the same system. However this time the event has become hated by the fans and at this point, it may not come anywhere near reaching all the rewards. The difference in marketing strategy is our subject today and why one promotion succeeded and the other is failing for Overkill.

The rules for Crimefest were simple, every member in the Payday 2 Steam group would be counted and at certain thresholds of numbers, rewards for the game were unlocked. These rewards ranged from new masks, heists and even a free character pack including fan favorite Hoxton making a return.

The Payday 2 Steam group is used by Overkill to promote updates and news and anyone a part of it would also get free community upgrades which the crimefest bonuses were a part of. By the end of the event there were over 2 million subscribers and the game received a second life with a lot of people playing again and interest renewed. The Hype Train event works like this, anyone who buys DLC between the 5th of February and the 12th of March will unlock hype fuel which gets added to the counter and once it hits the different points, the community as a whole will be rewarded when the event begins March 13th.

The event has a bunch of rewards including another new character, two heists and the final reward is to have an official PaydayCon where people can get together and meet.

But despite these rewards, the community is not taking to the event with many of them calling Overkill out for being way too greedy and misusing the community.

While both events are similar in practice, there are a few differences that are causing the fan base to be annoyed with Overkill. First is the fact that only DLC bought during the event counts towards hype fuel. Like many fans, I bought most of the DLC when it was released with the exception of the recent ones and by not counting all that DLC, Overkill is punishing their fans that supported them day one. Speaking of supporting, like Crimefest this event has no barring at all on people playing Payday 2 which is weird considering that this is supposed to be a celebration.

The Crimefest event was okay because people contributed very easily to it but the Hype Train only counts money being spent and is viewed by critics as a cash grab. Many fans have criticized Overkill for the amount of DLC compared to actual growth of the gameplay over the last two years.

The rewards themselves seem fine except for the fact that three rewards make no sense. Previewing an upcoming heist, flying 10 players out and the PaydayCon are examples of poor rewards. Flying players out and the convention are rewards with limited appeal. The fan base is also still annoyed that several rewards from Crimefest have still not been added to the game — FBI files and a new enemy and many people wonder what rewards this time will be delayed during the hype train event.

The recent collaboration between Hotline Miami 2 and the Hype Train should help boost things. And that way people can still support the event by playing and enjoying the game while giving a second avenue to get those rewards. And with the rewards, all the rewards should provide some long time support to the game so that anyone in the community will see those benefits. A part of me is still wondering just what the future holds for the game and series as Overkill should be shifting into working on The Walking Dead game and while they did get another studio to start working on content, finding out just how long support of the series will go on for is a big question.

A great case in point would be the Steam Summer events where players could unlock special achievements and rewards for playing specific games while having the usual tickets and such for people who spent money. Addendum: After this post went up, Overkill announced the Hotline Miami 2 tie in which is that anyone who buys the game will contribute hype fuel to Payday 2. At this moment, that has caused a huge increase in the event and may be what will push things over.

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