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Apr 10,  · Bottle and Cappy “limited time” (question anwsered) when i did the bottle and cappy quests, i noticed that it said “limited time”. is that true? and if yes, how long will the questline be available? also, will bottle and cappy stop coming to my vault after this “limited time” has ended? The Door Buster. The Gridiron Gang. The Haunting of Mass Chemical. The Mystery of Vault The Party at the End of the World. The Spirit of Taking. To Grandmother’s House . 4 rows · Sep 07,  · Added with patch in July , the quests expand upon the Exploring mechanic of Fallout.


Fallout shelter limited time quests.Nabbed from Nuka-World | Fallout Wiki | Fandom

Aug 24,  · Fallout Shelter Bottle and CappyFallout Shelter Update Includes:New Limited Time Quests, New Weekly Quests, New Quest Types, Bottle and Cappy (Nuka World. The Door Buster. The Gridiron Gang. The Haunting of Mass Chemical. The Mystery of Vault The Party at the End of the World. The Spirit of Taking. To Grandmother’s House . Sep 09,  · The bottle and cappy quest is still available, and I’m starting to think that “limited time” in this case actually means time counting from the moment you start a vault or perhaps build the overseer’s office. How much time you actually have to do them is still unclear.
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Fallout Shelter quests | Fallout Wiki | Fandom
Nabbed from Nuka-World
What are the Fallout Shelter Quests?
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Fallout Shelter quests are the quests in Fallout Shelter , added to the game since the release of update 1. Once the player has at least 18 dwellers in their vault, they can build the overseer’s office , costing caps and begin to send their dwellers out on specific quests.

When a quest is viewed in the menu, the player will see a brief description of it, icons that hint at the items that will be found, and any requirements including weapon and armor dweller types level. The requirements must be met to begin the quest.

The player may select up to three dwellers requirements may specify less , to do the quest and may change their equipment in the quest screen. Upon the quest beginning, the chosen dwellers will leave the vault and travel to the quest destination, taking a pre-determined amount of time.

Returning also takes time, similar to normally exploring the wasteland. Nuka-Cola Quantum can be used to speed up travel time. Upon reaching the quest location, the player will take control of their dweller s to explore a large area in a side-exploration sequence. The player must complete the objective indicated by the quest to mark it as complete. Up to that point, the player may choose to give up and have their dwellers return to the vault, or pay a few caps to try the quest again from the beginning.

Note: Level and weapons requirements seem to vary depending on what level your dwellers are. Note: There are 3 different rewards possible depending on your answer, a settler, a weapon or some armor. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Fallout Shelter overviews. Quests in Fallout Shelter. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. The following is based on Fallout Shelter or Fallout Shelter Online and some details might contradict canon.

This page lists all quests in Fallout Shelter. The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles. For quests in other Fallout games, please see ” Quest “. For your training mission, Vault-Tec asks you to prove yourself as a worthy Overseer and kill a Glowing Radroach.

Level 1 dwellers. Nuka-Cola Quantum x15 Lunchbox Pool cue. Okay, maybe 77 is an exaggeration, but there are a lot of them, and only one of you. Have you got what it takes? Level 46 dwellers 1 dweller. Legendary junk Rare weapon caps.

A ghastly Glowing One has taken up residence a little too close to the Vault, and it’s drawing in Ghouls like moths to a flame.

Extinguish the brilliant beacon before this Ghoulish gathering grows any larger! Combat shotgun Rare outfit caps. A Poorly Thought-Out Plan. Raiders captured and attempted to domesticate a Deathclaw.

It did not go well. They all need to die. Level 44 dwellers Junk Jet 6 Strength. Lunchbox Legendary junk Plasma rifle. Parrot Rare weapon Rare outfit.

The gunsmith’s plea came in loud and clear over the radio. I’ll give one of my best pieces to whoever bails me out! Level 50 dwellers 7 Agility 7 Endurance. Legendary junk x2 Rare weapon. Raiders have been snatching up folks all over the Wasteland. Put an end to their scheme, and save their victims.

Butcher knife Rare outfit Common junk. Rumors have been circulating about a Vault with a pool, sauna, and even a hot tub! Search Vault to find this oasis of relaxation, but beware of the ghoul infestation!

Level 25 dwellers Swimsuit. Legendary junk Rare weapon. Can’t Stop the Signal. A strange, high-pitched sound is coming through over the radio. The signal seems to originate from an old, abandoned builidng. Hardened scoped. There’s a lost and lonely animal who’d love to come home to your Vault. Too bad some hungry Ghouls found it first. Level 26 dwellers Railway rifle 1 dweller. Nuka-Cola Quantum x3 Legendary junk Rare outfit. The Vault has received word of a TV pilot filming nearby.

It’s almost certainly a trap, but send your most physically attractive Dwellers dressed for the part just in case. Sniper rifle Rare junk caps. Red Rachel is a ruthless Raider boss, and she’s stolen some of your supplies. Take back what’s yours, and teach that reckless rogue a lesson!

Assault rifle Rare outfit. Level 23 dwellers Formal wear. The Overseer from Vault has sent us a distress signal! The catch is the Overseer is apparently a dog Legendary junk caps.

Mole rats! Is there any creature more sneaky or disgusting? Grab a flamer and clear out a nest of those tunneling terrors. Level 40 dwellers Flamer 7 Strength. Nuka-Cola Quantum x2 Legendary junk Rare outfit. A nearby Raider gang is calling you out! Time to show them who’s boss Put on your best threads and start kicking butt! Lunchbox Rare weapon 1, caps. Will you use it for spare parts, or riding in your spare time? Up to you, you’re the Overseer. Send Dwellers to get one!

Level 41 dwellers Railway rifle 6 Perception. Giddyup Buttercup. My Weird Science Project. What better way to learn about the deadly Glowing Radscorpion than first-hand observation? Send your research team to the monster’s lair. Of course, you’ll need to kill it first. Level 38 dwellers Lab coat 7 Intelligence.

Nuka-Cola Quantum x2 Legendary junk Plasma rifle. Out of the Vault, Into the Shadows. For too long, the evil bandit Eli Calvert has raided the innocent Dwellers of the Wasteland. For the safety of your Vault, assemble your soldiers and rain death upon Eli and his gang of madmen!

Legendary outfit recipe Rare weapon Rare outfit. Send a group loaded with Power Armor out to a local Raider camp and deal with their Boss.

Level 23 dwellers Ta power armor. Rare weapon Rare outfit.