Currency exchange adventure capitalist.AdVenture Capitalist Strategy Guide & Tips to Earn More Mega Bucks and Mega Tickets


Currency exchange adventure capitalist.AdVentures


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Apr 04,  · AdVenture Capitalist is a unique clicker where you can capitalize to get trillions of dollars and get ready on the race to being the richest person on . May 29,  · In Adventure Capitalist game, your goal is to unlock all adventures; The moon, Mars. As mentioned above, you need trillion dollars to unlock The Moon adventure and megabucks to unlock Mars adventures. You start the game from Earth adventure and your task is to collect money and unlock other ted Reading Time: 6 mins. Sep 10,  · Kongregate’s popular mobile game AdVenture Capitalist has been out for a good long time, and in the past we’ve shared a few sets of tips and tricks with you, dealing with general strategies, angel investors, a couple of ways to get unlimited money without hacking, and a recent update that added some new features, particularly investments outside of planet Earth.


Currency exchange adventure capitalist.AdVenture Capitalist: How to get loads of Mega Bucks and Mega Tickets | WP Mobile Game Guides

Money. Money is the base currency in AdVenture Capitalist. It is used for all business -related upgrades, managers, and angel investor accumulation. Due to the game’s exponential nature, cash balances go well beyond numbers generally seen in real life. The money on Moon is called “Moon Dollars”, which are represented by an inward curved D with a horizontal line running through it (), and the money . May 14,  · There is a currency exchange in the Mission Control menu. You can exchange either Earth currency or Moon currency for Mega Bucks. What is the point of this? AdVenture Capitalist or AdCap has been out for awhile and has become a smash hit, one of Kongregate’s most popular iOS and Android games. Awhile back, they added Mega Bucks to the game. They said it was a way for players to rank themselves against each other, but now they have actually added something that you can spend them on.
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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. AdVenture Capitalist Store Page. Global Achievements. Noubexxx View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Noubexxx ; 7 May, pm. Showing 1 – 14 of 14 comments. Pixus View Profile View Posts. It allow to trade your Earth Bucks into the “master currency” which will be later used for leaderboards and upgrades.

Not sure i badly skipped the intro of currency part Have you already used it? What if I buy 1 and then again 1? And, maybe, one day Thanks ;. No one bought the megabucks yet?

Still curious about how the prices get affected when you buy one after another and not several at once. Originally posted by skhar :. So buying 1 after another is cheaper than buying several at once?

If the prices don’t change you can always buy 1 for 1 decillion again and again and again and again? So you don’t lose the money upon “buying” them? One costs 1 decillion. You buy this one for 1 decillion.

Can you buy this one again for another 1 decillion? So you have 2 megabucks for 2 decillion? Or does this “1 for 1 decillion” vanishes and you need to buy the next one for 1 undecillion? Or do you end up with spending 1. If you buy one after another, does the total cost add up? Does it decrease by that amount you already spent for the previous one? Whenever you buy one megabuck, the amount to buy the next megabuck drastically increases, just think of it as an upgrade system essentially.

An upgrade system that doesn’t really do anything right now. Either no one gets my point or I just cannot explain what I mean Following situation: You have 0 bucks. You can buy 1 for 1 decillion, 2 for 1 undecillion, 3 for Now you buy 1 for 1 decillion.

What do you see then? Can you buy another 1 for 1 decillion? Can you buy another 1 for 1 undecillion which will leave you with “2 for 1. Does buying that “1 for 1 decillion” affect the other prices? Last edited by skhar ; 7 May, pm. Last edited by Rock Olympa ; 7 May, pm. I tested it myself now, the curiosity won over the carefulness If you buy that 1 decillion buck the offer disappears and you can not buy a second buck for 1 decillion again.

BUT big but!!! If you have 0 bucks it costs you 1 undecillion to buy 2 at the same time. If you buy the one for 1 decillion beforehand, the next offer is “1 for decillion”. The third one, You don’t “lose” or “win” money on both ways. Blkandwhtlion View Profile View Posts.

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