Chrome search local ntp.What is ‘chrome-search://local-ntp/local-ntp.html’?


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Nov 21,  · chrome-search://local-ntp/ makes Chrome unresponsive. Sometimes, when I open a new tab in Chrome, it first tries to get chrome-search://local-ntp/ and while it’s doing it, I cannot enter any URL. Eventually it will popup a message asking me if I want to wait or exit the page. The way I found to fix it is to go to the page chrome://flags/#use-google-local-ntp, then I . Sign in. chromium / chromium / src / ac2bf34a99d0cfbee9deeb0a4 /. / chrome / browser / ui / search / local_ntp_ Sep 22,  · How to access chrome-search://local-ntp/ through a href from my html. I am developing a chrome extension which requires chrome_url_override new tab. The should contain a link for chrome-search://local-ntp/


Chrome search local ntp.This Easy Hack Replaces the Microsoft Edge New Tab Page with a Hidden Version

Chrome tabs are seeing a hold-up as soon as a new tab is opened and the URL is gotten in prior to the tab web page is finished loadingArticle checked out in tab -“chrome-search://local-ntp/” . On Desktop (ChromeOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux), there are multiple variants of the New Tab Page (NTP). The variant is selected according to the user’s Default Search Engine (DSE). All variants are implemented as HTML/CSS/JS, but differ in where they are hosted. Google: The Local NTP, . Every time I open a tab I get “chrome-search://local-ntp/” displayed on the tab. Not in the address bar but on the tab. It won’t let .
Chrome-search //local-ntp/local-ntp.html
Method 1: Through Local App Data Folder
How to access chrome-search://local-ntp/ through a href from my html – Stack Overflow
Solved: Google Chrome Page Unresponsive Error in Windows 10
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Solved: Google Chrome Page Unresponsive Error in Windows 10

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