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Canon DRC imageFORMULA Document Scanner overview and full product specs on CNET. Flatbed Scanners Flatbed Scanners Flatbed Scanners. Quality scanning in a compact size. Large Format Scanners Large Format Scanners Canon imageFORMULA DRC. Select your support content. Back to top. Drivers. Find the latest drivers for your product. Software. Software to improve your experience with our products. Dec 23,  · Scans color and black and white documents, photos, driver’s licenses, credit cards, and business cards. Store as PDF files, or JPEG photos. 25 pages per mi.


Canon dr 2010c scanner.Canon DRC imageFORMULA Document Scanner Specs & Prices – CNET

High speed results Utilising Canon’s new innovative CIS Sensor, the DRC document scanner delivers the same highly productive speeds whether scanning black-and-white, greyscale or colour documents. So you can expect a productive 20 ppm or 40 ipm for double-sided documents. Contents Back Previous Page Next Page 2 International ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment Program As an ENERGY STAR ® Partner, Canon Electronics Inc. has determined that this machine meets the ENERGY STAR® Program guidelines for energy efficiency. The International ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment Program is an international program that promotes energy saving through the use. May 13,  · ISSUE: DR Scanner may not be recognized properly by Windows or the imageFORMULA Utility DETAILS OF THE PROBLEM: If connecting an imageFORMULA scanner to a computer in which a USB camera is installed, Windows may write inconsistent device IDs to the WIA registry. As a result, Windows might not be able to recognize the installed scanner and the scanner will not scan.
Canon DR-2010C imageFORMULA Document Scanner Specs & Prices
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Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. Please read this manual before operating. After you finish reading this manual, store. Chapter 1 Before Using the Scanner. Chapter 3 Basic Operation. Chapter 5 Job Registration Tool Settings. Chapter 6 Maintenance. Chapter 7 Troubleshooting. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page.

Fast scanning, huge performance, space-saving design 4 pages. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Please read this manual thoroughly before using the scanner to familiarize yourself with its capabilities, and to make the most of its many functions. After reading this manual, store it in a safe place for future reference. Page 4 Chapter 6 Maintenance Regular Maintenance Page 5 1.

Important Safety Instructions 1. Important Safety Instructions 1 Important Safety Instructions To ensure the safe operation of this scanner, be sure to read the safety warnings and precautions described below. Installation Location The performance of this scanner is affected by the environment in which it is installed.

Page 6: Ac Adapter Keep the area around the power cord clear of objects so that the power cord can be disconnected easily in an emergency. Do not use the AC adapter provided with the scanner with other products. Page 7: Handling OFF, and disconnect the power plug from the power outlet. Then, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or service representative for further information.

Page 8: Disposal The dimensions of the scanner are as follows: The size of the scanner with the feed tray and eject tray closed is Page 9 Compatible with Carbonless Duplicating Paper The scanner is able to scan carbonless duplicating paper. Sleep Mode The scanner is designed to save energy by entering the sleep mode when it is not scanning documents. Names and Functions of Parts This section describes the name and function of each part.

Make sure to read this section and familiarize yourself with the parts of the scanner before using the scanner. Page Setup Contents 1. Install the software using either [Typical Installation] or [Custom Installation]. Page Software Installation Software Installation Follow the procedure below to install the software.

Turn the power of the computer ON. Page 14 When the driver installation is complete, click [Finish]. Click [Next]. When the CapturePerfect 3. Verify that the power switch of the scanner is OFF O side. Page Turning The Power On 3. See “Setting the Long Document Mode,” on p. Page Preparing The Scanner 2. Preparing the Scanner 2 Preparing the Scanner 2. Preparing the Scanner Prepare the document feed tray according to the paper size and type.

Preparing the Document Feed Tray Open the document feed tray. Preparing the Document Eject Tray Open the document eject tray. Page Placing Documents 3. Placing Documents 3 Placing Documents 3. Placing Documents There are two methods for feeding documents, the Page Separation mode and Bypass mode.

Feeding pages continuously from a stack of documents placed in the feed tray is called the Page Separation mode. Feeding documents one sheet at a time or feeding documents consisting of multiple pages that are attached, is called the bypass mode.

Placing Cards Switch the feed selection lever to Bypass. Page Placing Folded Documents Place the card horizontally, with the reverse side facing you, and the top of the card facing down. CAUTION If you place cards to be fed vertically, they may not be ejected properly, and cards that get jammed may be damaged when you remove them. Take care of the orientation when placing cards. The Scan Batch to File function is used here as an example. Installing the Software,” on p.

Stop button Stops scanning. Job display When the Start and Stop functions are assigned to the job buttons, [Start] and [Stop] are shown here. If nothing is shown on the job display, the Start and Stop functions are not assigned to the job buttons. Page Deskewing Documents Deskewing Documents You can set the scanning conditions to detect slanted document pages and straighten the scanned images. Click the [Basic] tab in the settings dialog box, and then select the [Deskew] check box.

Page Creating Smaller Files To scan a document that has too many pages to be loaded all at once as separate batches Click [Automatic Feeding] in the [Feeding Option] box. When this option is selected, the scanner detects documents and starts scanning as they are loaded, so continuous scanning is possible by loading the document batches repeatedly.

If you selected [Automatic Feeding] in the [Feeding Option] box, the scanner detects when the next document is placed and continues scanning. If you selected [Panel Feeding] in the [Feeding Option] box, press the Scan button after placing the next document to continue scanning. Page 34 Make sure to pull the document out carefully, without applying too much force.

If the jammed paper tears while you are pulling it out, make sure to remove any remaining pieces from inside the scanner. Close the front unit by gently pushing it up on both sides until clicks into place. Page Other Functions When scanning in the Long Document mode, if the document is placed on the scanner in a skewed position, it may hit the edges of the feeding area and be damaged. Be careful to place the document so that it is not skewed. From the [Scan] menu, select [Select Scanner]. See “Chapter 2 Setup – 2.

Refer to the Help for details. Page Auto Color Detection : Available for setting : Not available for setting or automatically set Contents Auto Color Detection This section describes the procedure for setting the scanner to automatically Image processing Others detect whether a document is in color or black-and-white when scanning. Page Paper Size Settings – [Mode in case of binary] Select the scanning mode when a page is detected as black and white.

For other modes, the brightness is set from the [Brightness] tab. Page Scan Resolution Settings Scan Resolution Settings This section describes the procedure for setting the resolution for scanning. Page Correcting Image Skewing – [Skip Blank Page] As each document page is scanned, the scanner detects whether it is blank, and if so, the image is not saved.

Page Moire Reduction Moire Reduction This section describes the procedure for setting to reduce the moire effect a shimmering, wavy pattern that may appear when scanning color documents or scanning in grayscale. The Area window and [Preview] button are not displayed when using applications like the Job Registration Tool that display the [OK] button in the Properties dialog box.

The settings you can specify are as follows: [Brightness] Adjusts the brightness of images to be scanned. Page Gamma Curve Settings Gamma Curve Settings This section describes the procedure for adjusting the gamma level for scanning documents. Page Image Contour Adjustment Image Contour Adjustment This section describes the procedure for adjusting the contours of the scanned image.

Move the slider toward [Soft] to soften the image contours, or toward [Sharp] to sharpen the image contours. Page Correcting Text Orientation Correcting Text Orientation This section describes the procedure for automatically correcting the orientation of the text when scanning.

Page Rapid System Recovery Rapid System Recovery This section describes the procedure for setting the system recovery method used by the scanner when document feeding stops due to a paper jam or other error during scanning.

Page Feeding Options This feeding method is good for scanning batches of documents of different sizes: after loading the documents, press the Job button assigned as a Start button on the scanner to start scanning, and press the assigned Stop button to stop scanning.

Page Prescan Prescan This section describes the procedure for checking a scanned image and adjusting the brightness and contrast accordingly. Page Registering Scanning Conditions Registering Scanning Conditions This section describes the procedure for registering specified scanning conditions.

Use the following procedure to start the Job Registration Tool. Job Button Settings List The displayed job buttons correspond to those on the scanner, showing their currently assigned settings.

Settings are registered to the job button with the displayed number. Job title Enter the job title to be displayed for [Job title] in the [Job Registration Tool] dialog box. Page 58 Scanner setting When the [Save as file], [Print], or [Attach to E-mail] function is selected in the [Function] box, scanner settings are enabled, and you can press the [Setting] button to specify scanner settings.

Page 59 Select [High Compression] to save files with high compression. Although file size is reduced, image quality may be slightly degraded. The Compression rate setting is enabled when the scanner is set to [level Gray] or [bit Color] mode.