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You can purchase the following alternate costumes during the game at the shop in the indicated location for the listed price. Note: some of these co.., Bravely Second: End Layer 3DS. These are all found from the armour / weapon shops in each location in their own special tab. Gathelatio: United Garb (Yew); Chompette Coat (Edea); Planeswarden Garb (Magnolia); and Sagittarius Garb (Tiz) Each of these are , PG. Al-Khampis: Scholar Gown (Yew); Eastern War Garb (Tiz); Bonsoir Bunny (Magnolia); and Bravo Bunny (Edea) Each of these are , PG. Feb 29,  · Report: Dozens of Costumes Censored in Western Release of Bravely Second. If you’ve been following our coverage of Bravely Second: End Layer, you might have heard of the costume change for the Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.


Bravely second all costumes.Bravely Second Costumes : bravelydefault

This video shows you all Jobs in Bravely Second End Layer. You see also the costumes of all you like the video I would appreciate like, comment. These are all found from the armour / weapon shops in each location in their own special tab. Gathelatio: United Garb (Yew); Chompette Coat (Edea); Planeswarden Garb (Magnolia); and Sagittarius Garb (Tiz) Each of these are , PG. Al-Khampis: Scholar Gown (Yew); Eastern War Garb (Tiz); Bonsoir Bunny (Magnolia); and Bravo Bunny (Edea) Each of these are , PG. 12 rows · The data for these costumes remain on the cartridge, but the items are not acquirable by .
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Report: Dozens of Costumes Censored in Western Release of Bravely Second – Niche Gamer
Bravely Second: End Layer
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Username or Email Address. Remember Me. The fan made a Pastebin documenting all of his finds and reported on all the changes made. Although none of the changes were as radical as the Tomahawk costume, most of the changes made essentially boils down to covering of cleavage and crotches. You can also view some more examples of the censoring over on the Censored Gaming video. Writer at Niche Gamer. Passionate for video game journalism, and more than glad to be a part of it.

I also write DOTA 2 stuff. For the Sequel had the English translation even though it was an import. Just for clarification, none of this was changed in the the—already released— EU version? Also NoA — how long until you finally announces all-burqa attire for all future games? If Nintendo is so worried that characters consisting of 20 polygons displaying cleavage will ruin their family friendly image, Why not give people options via enabling these hack jobs via parental controls?

Where do you think they pulled the files from? You think the dude has access to the unreleased American version? Why does Nintendo hate my money? And what did apologists say? Well guess what? Hell, they even censored the artbook! Thanks Nintendo, you saved me more cash this year. What else can you do? Wait a few months and buy it used? Every time a company does something like this, another disgruntled gamer goes to google and learns about modded rom piracy, and the game company further greases their own slope.

I probably should have been more clear with my original statement. What more can we do to put a stop to this? Tom from Xseed must by crying himself to sleep over these last few months. He tried to warn people years ago that this was exactly what would happen. Forget the Burqa. Back when Bravely Default first got localised with reported edits, I imported For the Sequel which had all the language options but Japanese assets.

Little by little people will reach their personal boiling points when they notice something they heard of perhaps weeks to a year in advance being cut, perhaps it actually needs to be a storyline for people to catch on.

Basically a lot of obnoxious talking but no videos for them to mock of a poorly executed rally. For the Sequel was released at the same time as the western localisation and with bonuses. Edea also no longer questions herself on her decision which was something that was supposed to happen much much later on. There are spoilers in here, but basically, they fucked with the story as well, cutting elements to make it less dark.

I enjoyed Bravely Default, but this is a disaster. Lord only knows they might touch themselves behind the barn to the sight of such scandalous pixels, or maybe engage in unholy impure acts on the boat-pilgrimage to the New World….

Kinda forgot about that. I can READ it, but iunno what it means. Genki — An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese books from The Japan Times, preferably the second edition but the 1st one is still fine may be a good start first.

You can find them easily as pdf files on the net. At this point, if you still support Nintendo in any fashion you are actively encouraging censorship in video games. How many of you are willing to not put your money where your mouth is and stop supporting the company who is easily the worst in the industry when it comes to this?

In that case, it requires a downgrade through hard-modding which isnt recommended on the very latest updates which could brick the console. This is getting beyond comical now. Just fuck this. Why is this crap still happening?

I thought we were getting past this as an industry. Now I see and another comment seemed to share many of these details and the video as well. Bravely Second is dual-audio though. To make up for it being a good thing however, they went and made the bitrate shit sound the voices audibly sound bad. Because people still buy it. And as Tom has said, every time people ignore this shit and buy it anyway, it just validates them and gives them more support to censor more shit in the future.

Has anything been dug up about who is behind these changes and what might be the driving force behind them? I hope they bringing Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni. I always hold out for a while before i get the japanese version. I just changed Mirai size from breast size Mirai yes that is the actual name of the smallest chest since size to Zeppelin chest size. While they attempt to frame themselves as the Disney of the video-game world, it makes moves like Bayonetta 2 feel incredibly insincere, and, frankly, a bit frustrating.

Sign me up! Especially since Estival Versus is out March 18th. I never bothered getting the 3DS versions mostly because off what nintendo is doing nowadays. I understand and respect that.

Only thing that could turn me off is if i hear Senran and censorship in one sentence,instant dealbreaker. They know who their audience is and how to make them happy. You know what? This is completely uncalled for and unacceptable. Atleast its only the 3DS you bought that supported nintendo. It is? Nintendo took their time letting us know then. The demo was apparently English only, so I got the impression that they were dropping Japanese voices.

Where did he say that? I liked the game but dislike playing on my 3DS. Not really happy with it,third party support is a joke compared to the Vita,region lock is another no go. Nintendo can go out of business for all i care,they are useless at this point. I got a psvita it sucks 3DS got the market while psvita is the better handheld for games. Tweeted angrily at both Square-Enix and my national branch of Nintendo about this. Both remained silent, obviously. Now if i compare with my Vita,over 50 games and more are on the way.

My favorite handheld of all times;games wise remains the PSP. With barely any line-up i shun the 3DS it has only a handfull i want and some are butchered so i see no real reason to go with it. Then everything else you want afterwards, if Fire Emblem If is your thing, go and get it perhaps with a fantranslation. Making them see even less money, this way i hope they will see what censoring does to sales. Fair enough I suppose. Too much overkill for me with money. My guess would be the violence.

FE Fates was NoA. Bravely Second is Squeenix. I was about to say, Splatoon and the major franchises will be safe… But that still feeds them. Cue constant harassment and promoting censorship. Do as the boss says or fuck off. Its funny to read how Japan heavily censors Far Cry Primal at the same time.

Cultural differences clashing together, with censorship nannies making everything worse for everyone. Censorship advocates are the true villains here. Keep spreading awareness through TorrentialDownpour. Until then, send a letter or fax: Nintendo Company, Ltd. A hand written letter also hammers home that you took the time to do it, while others might have switched to a competitor.

Write letters to NoA. Emails can be blocked based on their subject. Letters have to be opened. Postal tubes are a pain as well. US: th Ave NE.