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Take this quiz to find out what Boom Beach troop you are! If you haven't played Boom Beach, I highly recommend you give it a shot. I tried to make every outcome have an equal chance but results might sway one way or another. This is my first quiz so feel free to give me any tips or suggestions. Events. By Play Boom Beach. Events can be played every day. They will get you great rewards for defeating certain stages of the Event. There are 5 different type of Events to be played in Boom Beach. Hammerman Strikes Back. Dr. T (Tropical Island & Volcano . Apr 22,  · Welcome to Boom Beach Mod: come with a plan or leave in defeat! Fight the evil Blackguard with brains and brawn in this epic combat strategy game. Attack enemy bases to free enslaved islanders and unlock the secrets of this tropical paradise. Create a Task Force with players around the world to take on the enemy together.


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Dr. T is a major antagonist in Boom Beach. He is a comedic scientist and inventor that uses advanced technology to defeat the opposing islanders. He is voiced by Brian Stivale. 1 Biography Animated Appearances Custody Battle 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Quotes 5 Trivia 6 Navigation Dr. T is an evil, incredibly intelligent mad scientist that works for Blackguard. In addition to being. Mar 16,  · New and improved Proto Troops are landing in Boom Beach! This update includes: – Proto Troops, including the Engineer and CryoBombardier and more! – Improved Trader system with new offers – Cycle of Evil events running longer than before! Back to back! – Events now starting at the same time globally, including Mega Crab and Cycle of Evil. The Prototroops are new temporary troops that you can collect and upgrade through the Cycle of Evil events! Each Prototroop event will center around one troop. During the time period of the event, you have the opportunity to unlock and play that troop. Once the event is over, the Prototroop .
‘Boom Beach’ Next Event Could Possibly See the Return of Dr. T and Mega Crab!
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T is a major antagonist in Boom Beach. He is a comedic scientist and inventor that uses advanced technology to defeat the opposing islanders. T is an evil, incredibly intelligent mad scientist that works for Blackguard. In addition to being head of the Blackguard’s Artifact Weaponization Project , he enslaves island natives that live around the Archipelago.

His signature weapon is a giant robotic crab. In addition to being a character, he is also an event. His event is triggered when you defeat his first level ten base. After being defeated, the “Dr. T challenge” will reappear in the same area every Tuesday and Thursday. His second challenge will be unlocked after defeating his second base which is located in a volcanic area.

This challenge will appear every Wednesday and Sunday. If you successfully beat a stage of the Dr. T event, an upgraded version of said Dr. T base will appear immediately after. During various parts of the events, Dr. T will appear and share dialogue that taunts the player and assures his success. He has had several special events involving his signature weapon known as, “The Mega Crab”. This is a giant, purple, robotic crab that he used to try and destroy Boom Beach.

He has attempted at using this particular weapon on various different occasion, having animations dedicated to the events. He spawns four times every seven day event cycle. The twenty four hour events take seven stages, which must be defeated within the twenty four increment. His animated intro consists of him standing in front of a bunch of screens all showing different parts of his face, forming one face. He says: “See you soon people that I’m definitely smarter than! The servant then carries him away while he makes rocket noises.

T appears to tell players that he is so excited about his “super weapon” that he made to destroy Boom Beach, that he wrote a song about it. He then plays a song on a tropical organ, the lyrics consisting of explosive noises that he makes with his mouth. He ends it by saying Boom Beach will never know what’s coming , until it’s time for them to blow, signifying that they won’t be able to stop whatever he is planning.

He takes a while to end the verse, but he ends it with up, which is then proceeded by an explosion effect. He next appears sitting in his lair holding a top secret file. He tells himself that he hopes no one looks at his plans while he is sleeping, sets the file down, and dozes off in his chair. Suddenly, the file begins to open, and he rises out of it. He tells the audience that no one will ever get his plans while he is sleeping, because he is never sleeping.

He then proceeds to lower himself back into the file. He makes his next appearance telling the audience that he has decided to give the players a clue as to how to defeat him. He then turns around and beckons the camera to follow. He then reaches down, grabs a pile of sand, and throws at it camera, shouting: “Ha! Sand in the eye! He runs away telling the audience that they will never get his plans. His next appearance is of him sharing his thoughts of the player’s strategy on defeating him.

He also says “amused eyebrows” while holding up his eyebrows with his fingers. He ends the video by saying that the player will never defeat Dr. T, and to take it from him, Dr. His next animated appearance is another animated “critique”, where he gives three reasons why you won’t defeat him, still standing in front of the game footage as he did in his previous appearance. His reasons are: ” 1, look at you. He next appeared in front of many different television screens, all of them at first featuring their own individual programs.

As the video went on, they all one by one began to show the same video Dr. T’s face talking while he gave his speech. Instead of addressing the player, he addressed the entire world. Soon, all of the screens turned off, and he referred to himself as the greatest villain in all of Boom Beach.

He announced that he had taken over all the air waves, and started mimicking explosions with his hands and mouth. He said that this was the audience’s minds exploding.

He next came in on a jet-pack and addressed the audience as “future people that I will be defeating”. He shows off his weapons to the players, as he heard that they were developing more strategies to defeat him.

He would show a dummy version of one of the fighters, then introduce the weapon and destroy it with it. He ended the video by reminding the player that he thought of everything, and unsheathed a turtle with a crowbar. His next appearance was made standing in a melon field. In this appearance, he had no dialogue, but was narrated by a separate voice on his current status after his Mega Crab was defeated. The narrator tried to convince the audience that after his defeat, Dr.

T gave up his life of evil and began harvesting melons. He would ironically describe how Dr. T was “not” thinking of all the ways he could destroy Boom Beach and get revenge on those whom defeated him, even listing the specific gamer tags of those whom delivered the greatest defeats.

In his next appearance, he was still standing in the melon field, this time reading tweets that were sent during the Mega Crab attack.

After reading the tweets and giving ironic congratulations, he reveals that the players had not in fact defeated his real Mega Crab. He told the that his next crab would be arriving in just a few short days. He then ended the video by saying that he too, was an imposter, and his body proceeded to deflate.

His true from them appeared in a melon-plane, addressing the audience as the people whom defeated his fake Mega Crab but will never defeat his real Mega Crab. His next animated appearance was after players defeated his third Mega Crab. He talked about how he was all alone, picked up a turtle, and started banging its shell like a Bongo. He sang a song about how the Mega Crab was his best friend, and now that he had been destroyed, his new best friend was the said turtle.

He said that he play’s him like a bongo because he’s a bad friend, with lots of sadness. He said to call him “Dr. S”, for Dr. Hammerman spotted him from a mountain and shouted that the turtle belonged to him.

He next appeared being risen out of a grave by his robot servant. He was dressed in a Dracula costume, as the time that this event occurred was around Halloween, which he also referenced in the video. He said that he had been buried down there for four months. He tells the audience that they needed to prepare for his forth Mega Crab, which was going to appear that day, and he was positive that this time it would defeat them.

The video ended with him being re-buried in the ground by his robot servant. He next makes a brief, none-speaking appearance at the beginning of a Boom Beach beginners tutorial. He is seen on the introductory scene, flying slowly across the screen with a jetpack while staring at the camera.

He next appears going undercover as various enemy agents, trying to gain information on their plans. He first dresses as a rifleman, and after struggling to get up a ladder, addresses the other rifleman as fellow rifleman. He addressed himself as the suave and sexy Dr. When they were no help, he grew angry, and climbed back down. He next dressed as a heavy, and asked the other heavies, whom were practicing shooting, if they were conversing about strategies in detail. They said no, and the camera panned to a dummy Dr.

T being shot to nothing. T laughed awkwardly and walked away with his weapon. He last dressed as a turtle, and asked them if they had any information. They swam into the ocean, and Dr. T told them that he would keep the eggs warm while they were gone. Later, the Boom Beach Twitter posted him in even more disguises, sharing the intel that he had gathered. His next appearance involved telling the audience about the giant vats of blue goo that he had atop his Mega Crab.

He tried to convince the players that they were just soda, and not a substance that would turn soldiers into his won personal army. He did so in somewhat of an ironic way, using an ironic tone. The video was contradictory in the same way that the melon farming vengeance video was. He next appears shirtless, showing off all of his past tattoos that he had gotten dedicated to each Mega Crab.

Each previous crab was crossed off, and he described the embarrassment that he had to endure. He explained that he had to keep going to the same tattoo parlor, and each time he returned, he was laughed at for having failed.