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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (Multiversion) +11 Trainer [FliNG] If you activate this +11 trainer for the action adventure game Assassin’s Creed: Revelations it will give you: unlimited health, unlimited money/ammo/items, unlimited morale, unlimited assassins signal, unlimited assassins exp/skill points, unlimited bombs, indestructible. Jan 29,  · Current Trainers: Assassin’s Creed Revelations (Steam) Trainer +9 Options: Unlimited Health; Unlimited Morale; Unlimited Signals; Ghost Mode; Unlimited Skill Points; Unlimited Money; Unlimited Ammo; Unlimited Bombs; Freeze TimerEstimated Reading Time: 1 min. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is the third installment in the AC series in which you have to prevent the end of days that can occur in Gameplay remains mostly the same as in the previous titles, with freeruning elements, stealth kills and open world exploration, as well as plenty of missions to take on.


Assassins creed revelations trainer.Assassin’s Creed Revelations Trainers – +11 Trainer by h4x0r (game ver )

Feb 15,  · Assassin’s Creed Revelations [aob All Versions] Post by Fandaniel» Sat May 05, pm Almost every options working except MORALE, FAST ASSASSIN LEVEL UP, and SKILL POINTS FOR ASSASSINS are not working. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations v – v +11 TRAINER Assassin’s Creed: Revelations v +5 TRAINER #3 Assassin’s Creed: Revelations ALL FEATURES UNLOCKER v Assassins Creed Origins [cheats] Assassins Creed Revelations V [trainer +7] Assassins Creed Rogue v [trainer +7] Assassins Creed Rogue version [trainer +6] Assassins Creed Syndicate V [trainer +7] Assassins Creed Unity V [trainer +5] Assassins Creed: Origins – .
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If Assassin’s Creed Revelations Cheat Codes doesn’t work for your game version, you can find an alternative trainer available at guidedhacking. A thank you is always welcome Add Comment. Notify me of new comments via email. Remember my form inputs on this computer. Powered by Commentics. Comments No comments yet. Be the first! Tactician 30G – Score at least G in a session Multiplayer.

True Templar 20G – Reach level 20 Multiplayer. Explorer 20G – Finish a session of each game mode Multiplayer. Are You Desmond Miles? Achiever 10G – Complete a Challenge Multiplayer. Cheat Mode – by Harshal Hatwar: Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding cheat. The cheats will be selectable at the “Options” menu during the replay of a memory. This cheat makes you immune to all forms of damage.

This cheat gives you unlimited use of the Assassin bars. This cheat makes all assassins become Master Assassins. Desmond Memory Sequence 1: Collect 5 Fragments. Desmond Memory Sequence 2: Collect 10 Fragments. Desmond Memory Sequence 3: Collect 15 Fragments. Desmond Memory Sequence 4: Collect 20 Fragments.

Desmond Memory Sequence 5: Collect 30 Fragments. Challenge unlockables Successfully complete the indicated challenges to unlock the corresponding bonus: Altair’s Sword: Successfully complete the Set 3 Assassin Challenges. Broadsword: Successfully complete the Set 3 Mercenary Challenges.

Memoir Page locations Search the indicated locations to find all 10 of Ishak Pasha’s Memoir Pages: Cheat Mode 2 – by Harshal Hatwar: Losing awareness easily When you need to lose your awareness, bribe a herald, then immediately pickpocket him to get the money back. If this is done quickly enough, your awareness meter will not go back up.

It is the highest building on the northern part of the map, and right in front of the Assassin’s HQ. Make sure you have a parachute can be bought from tailors , then jump from the tower and glide towards the water. When you jump off, immediately press X to open the parachute. Just keep gliding towards the water until you automatically drop into the water and get the “Almost Flying” achievement.

Climb to the rooftop. There are eight guards in the courtyard. Use a Cherry Bomb to get them to stand close together. Once they are standing close together, throw a Smoke Bomb, and jump down to the courtyard. Use your hidden blade to kill five of them within five seconds to get the “I Can See You” and “Lightning Strikes” achievements. This memory is basically the tutorial about the den defense system. Your den may not be hit at all.

Do not use LT, as it will trigger a cannon shot, which would prevent the achievement from being earned. Make sure you install barricades wherever possible. At the very end, a battering ram will roll in, and the barricades are needed to slow it down. You can also use your pistol by pressing X to support your allies.

Easy “Monster’s Dance” achievement Search for a guard that is near a large group of civilians. Patrolling guards that walk across markets work best. Poison the guard, then throw money on him select “Throw Money” from the weapon wheel to attract civilians. The guard will begin to knock them out when they are nearby. You can easily get the ingredients by opening bomb crafting stations that are scattered throughout the city.

You also need Cherry Bombs to lure multiple enemies. You can craft them or buy them. Go to the Fatih Camii building travel there by using a tunnel entrance , and climb to the rooftop. Throw Cherry Bombs until more guards come in.

Once there are at least ten guards standing close together, throw the Datura Bomb to get the “Mosh Pit” achievement. Easy “Mouse Trap” achievement You do not need to kill five guards at once, just five guards in total. Caltrop Bombs can be bought from all Black Market Dealers around the city.

Search for a destructible scaffold, then get into a conflict with some guards. Lure them near the scaffold, select the Caltrop Bomb from your weapon wheel, and press Y to throw it. Run towards the edge of the scaffold, and press B to bring it down. Let them kill you, and repeat the process until you get the “Mouse Trap” achievement. Easy “Show-Off” achievement You first must have a parachute before attempting this.

They can be bought from tailors. Search for a viewpoint with some ziplines nearby. When you jump off the viewpoint, immediately press X to open the parachute.

Once you are over the zipline, press B to release, then quickly hold B to grab the zipline and get the “Show-Off” achievement. After the cutscene at the very beginning, you will need to fight three soldiers. Select the throwing knives from your weapon wheel, then hold Y and release it to throw three knives at once and kill the soldiers to get the “Silent But Deadly” achievement.

Use a tunnel entrance to travel there. The Hookblade will allow you to climb much faster. Climb from the bottom of the building to the pillar on top in under 25 seconds to get the “Spider Assassin” achievement. Easy “Tax Evasion” achievement Templar tax collectors appear randomly.

They have a red purse symbol above their head. It may take a while, but one will eventually appear on your mini-map. You may first have to complete the story before one appears. Once you find a Templar tax collector, simply kill him with your hidden blade to get the “Tax Evasion” achievement.

Achiever 10 points : Complete a Challenge Multiplayer. True Templar 20 points : Reach level 20 Multiplayer. Make the Headlines 30 points : Obtain 12 different Accolades Multiplayer. Explorer 20 points : Finish a session of each game mode Multiplayer. Tactician 30 points : Score at least points in a session Multiplayer. Holy Wisdom 20 points : Complete the Hagia Sofia challenge level. Capped 20 points : Collect all animus data fragments. Pyromaniac 20 points : Complete all Bomb Missions.

Armchair General 20 points : Control all cities except Rhodes simultaneously in the Mediterranian Defense game. Iron Curtain 20 points : Perform a perfect den defense without using the cannon. Spider Assassin 20 points : Climb Hagia Sofia, from the ground to the pinnacle, in under 25 seconds. Tax Evasion 10 points : Get your money back from a Templar tax collector. The Mentor 20 points : Have seven trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin. Lightning Strikes 20 points : Kill 5 guards in 5 seconds using only your hidden blades.

Overkiller 20 points : Assassinate 50 guards with the hidden blade. Show-Off 20 points : Parachute onto a zipline. Sage 20 points : Collect all available books.

Fast Fingers 20 points : Loot 50 dead guards with thief looting. Mosh Pit 20 points : Have 10 guards poisoned at the same time. Mouse Trap 20 points : Kill 5 guards with a scaffold after they have been stunned by caltrops. Craft Maniac 20 points : Craft 30 bombs. My Prot? Almost Flying 20 points : Parachute directly from the top of the Galata Tower to the golden horn. Silent But Deadly 20 points : Kill three guards simultaneously with only throwing knives. I can see you 20 points : Kill 5 guards while under the cover of a smoke screen bomb.

Monster’s Dance 20 points : Have a guard incapacitate 3 civilians while he’s poisoned.