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Angry bird mine and dine.Mine and Dine


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Mine and Dine is the first level of the second episode of Mine and Dine. 4 rows · Mine and Dine is the sixth Angry Birds episode. In this chapter, the Pigs steal the eggs once Episode number: 6. Jul 25,  · Our strategy for Mine and Dine level is to fire the first Yellow bird through the ropes holding the suspended pig and into the gray stalactites, causing them to fall. The collateral damage can trigger the TNT in the middle and clear the entire left side of the level. Launch the next Yellow bird into the far stalactites, causing the right TNT to : Bird Leader.


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May 30,  · The latest update for Angry Birds – Mine And Dine in the dark, damp underbelly of the Angry Birds World!- Mine And Dine in the dark, damp underbelly of the Angry Birds World!- . Jul 25,  · Angry Birds Mine and Dine 3 Star Walkthrough Level Our strategy for Mine and Dine level is to blast the Yellow bird through all of the stalactites in the middle of the level. To pass through a stalactite, you must pass through the top of it. Fire the first Red bird head-on into the left structure, causing it to topple onto the TNT below. Mine and Dine is the eleventh level of the first episode of Mine and Dine.
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Angry Birds Mine and Dine 3 Star Walkthrough Level 16-1

Mine and Dine level is one of the most difficult levels in the entire Angry Birds app to earn 3 stars. The best strategy is to lob the Boomerang bird over the structure and spin it back through the wooden block on the right side. Ideally, the Boomerang bird should go far enough so as to break the hollow wooden square within. In any event, the whole right side should be cleared with significant damage. Fire a Yellow bird horizontally, through both pieces of wood on the left side.

To earn 3 stars, it is important to break the jewel in the trough. The score in the video below is , Share your video strategy by leaving the link to the YouTube video in your comment below. There once was a pig in a square That made people pull out their hair The first shot was great And yellow flew straight But the swine in the square was still there… sigh…..

This level deserves all the animosity directed at it! For the first shot, aim the boomerang bird to just clear the top helmeted pig. After it passes the right side of the structure, reverse when it is about at the same level as the top right horizontal wooden plank.

This helps the bird travel nearly horizontally into the narrow vertical wooden support on the right side and can yield scores of around 60k. For the second shot, aim basically horizontally or a hair above, and accelerate right before hitting the lower left left narrow vertical wooden support. Please please tell me there is a hidden message in your post.. On the second shot, it helps if the bird stays on the platform after breaking the second board.

Debris will still fall to the right to get the crystal, but a lot will also roll off the bird and to the left, including that obnoxious pig in the hollow box. You know how to do it and the method will coalesce in your brain while you sleep. Ive even got the partial collapse several times more of a hindrance than a help.. This is making NO sense to me at all!!! I had 56k after first shot..

I got k with a worse shot.. Like an obstinate child. Oh wait, is the game being childish or am I? Or you could just ignore for a couple more months and then try again. Maybe it just needs a timeout. Ahaha halliesginsb yes a stubborn child!! Wooo Hooo!!! I am soooo outta here hahaha thank you for sticking with me I owe you a virtual drink.. Sayonara MAD ! And this level epitomizes the frustration of having to use BB that underlies my feelings towards that vile bird!

Got by normal 2 bird way. Boomerang bird through wooden section near bottom of right section. Lol Here goes good luck all!! Hi kathy , I just read through your comments as well. A few days ago, on the Hamoween challenge level, I was stuck just below Another day, 10 points below a puppy. The game would NOT give me ten lousy points. An hour into challenge. Give it up AB. I want a top 50! Lol maiasatara Ohh man thats Just Wrong!

Well good luck on this one I think inreading up hallieginsb has the best tips on this one; lets get us a puppy; hey and if you need to whine head on over to the bloated pig forum and whine all ya want; whining is allowed loud and clear;.

If anyone cares, the semi-collapse of this level still works. It occurs in clusters, i. Please mention me or also post in the self-destroying forum. It was mere luck that I saw this. I counted about 70, waiting before a fling, then got distracted by Big Bang Theory and just sent boomerang and watched the top falling as the bird sailed over. Totally forgot to mention ya. Kelani — I wondering if the really great scores come from fortuitous timing of the first bird with the collapse?

Not above average yet, but at least improved slightly. Would only add that you want to leave as little room as possible above the top helmeted pig, Activate just a hair above the top of the upper right-most pig. More consistently leaves bird on left platform, which help get rid of the pesky pit in the wood box.

The 1st shot was so close to the helmeted pig that he got a haircut as the Boomerang bird flew by. Came back to this to try and get my score above the average and I couldnt remember it from before. I will never forget it now. On a return ticket. The high score is k and there is one other k. I will update to my current high.

I got a lucky lob in with chuck and almost everything over there was destroyed. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.

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