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Added the adventure “The Frosted Expanse” to the Wandering Balloon feature, which can be unlocked after completing Stage New Bountiful Trial. The Bountiful Trials event will be available for Theowyn – The Wailing Widow as of Local Time: 27/ 08/ (Test server). Play AFK Arena on PC/Mac! The Frosted Expanse is the sixth stage in Wandering Balloon mode in Peaks of Time building. You will find here a description on how to pass through this adventure. This map contains of Snowmans (who are utilized to smother the fire) and a few switches to make it hard for you to arrive at the last Crystal Chest. You have to utilize Talene in certain phase of this adventure in order to fully complete this map. Apr 19,  · AFK Arena Apk (God Mode) 2. Added the adventure Dreamscape to the Voyage of Wonders feature. 3. Added the adventure The Frosted Expanse to the Trials of God feature. Players can unlock this adventure by completing Stage of the campaign and by completing % of the same adventure found within the Wandering Balloon.


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A Community-run subreddit dedicated to AFK Arena, a Mobile RPG. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. Trials of God: Frosted Expanse 01/12/ Guide. Close. Posted by 4 months ago. 3 2 3. Trials of God: Frosted Expanse 01/12/ Guide. AFK Arena New in AFK Arena New Additions and Optimizations. Added the Heroes of Esperia event, which will become available to players after completing Stage Added the adventure “Dreamscape” to the Voyage of Wonders feature. Added the adventure “The Frosted Expanse” to the Trials of God feature. Nov 3, – All Guides for the game AFK Arena are collected and shared here. You are a noob? After reading these guides, not any more! Source: See more ideas about afk, arena 95 pins.
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Wandering Balloon is a very interesting puzzle mode in AFK Arena that focuses on solving the riddles. This section is very similar compared to Historic Ventures mode. The purpose of this section is to discover all reward chests on specific area. It is worth noting that you can only use one mercenary in formation within this specific map, although you can use it infinite number of times.

In this first stage of Wandering Balloon section you need to complete this area twice in order to get all 3 big chests. After competing it for the first time you need to restart adventure and complete it again but in different way. Our history books tell us one tale, but our memories may tell us otherwise. But a certain few know that this is far from the truth. Difficult decisions must be made, do you save it and change the course of history? Or do you let it burn to the ground and allow for unforeseen circumstances to occur?

Only you may decide, adventurer. Fields of Stone is the second chapter of Wandering Balloon that involves moving lasers on the map in order to get to the final prize and claim your rewards. The Dwarves have long been refugees, forced into a nomadic lifestyle and wandering the land since the loss of their ancestral homes. For decades they have slept in caves, beneath trees and bushes, anything that would afford a bit of shelter. In the desert areas known as the Fields Of Stone, most traces of the Dwarven civilization have been erased.

All that remains are semi-operational pieces of scattered technology. Devices once used to protect the Dwarven lands now pose a serious threat to wanderers who enter the area. However, one old dwarf returns here year after year to scavenge. One never knows what kind of valuables one can pick up if they just concede to a little danger….

In this stage you are going to see some levers and magical cannons that you are need to use in order to get Crystal Chests prizes. Another day, another battle. The constant struggle for supremacy between the Lightbearer kingdom and the Mauler tribes rages on. Commander Estrilda Rayne of the royal army was tasked with the arduous mission of holding back the vicious, marauding tribes that constantly threatened to encroach upon Lightbearer lands. Day after Estrilda struggled to repel the relentless Maulers with little hope of resppite in sight.

With both sides distracted and locked in a stalemate, neither side paid much attention to anything else but the other, and with this an opportunity for conniving thieves arose. The Lightbearer stronghold and Mauler encampments hide not only gold, but also precious military supplies The question that remains unanswered is, who will claim them? It is another chapter after Fields of Stone that is utilizing lasers to hinder they way to the final award.

Situated far from civilization and home to only outlaws and vagabonds, the Howling Wastes offers little comfort to those that reside there. A lonely place, where the only sounds to be heard are the howls of the desert wind itself. The great vastness of this inhospitable desert is peppered with the odd canyon here and there. Yet, one of these canyons is not like the others It stands out from the rest. However there is a one gimmick to fully finish this chapter.

At final battle you have to use Thoran in your formation in order to get hidden prize. The land between the kingdom of men and the undead, nothing more than an abandoned waste, home only to the fallen souls.

Darkness looms closer and with it, so do the terrors that lurk within. This is no place for anyone, much less two foolish girls…. This area contains of switches, Snowmans who are used to extinguish the fire and some levers to make it difficult for you to reach the final Crystal Chest.

The lush green fields of Esperia give way to the snowy blankets that she gifts to us. Rows of snow-covered pine-trees sit silently beside their protectors, the snowmen of midwinter, waiting patiently, to greet the midwinter travelers on their way through the valley.

Yet not all is well in the frosted expanse, as a malicious creature lurks in the shadows, plotting to turn serenity into chaos, its true intentions still unknown. Another map with Haunted Cannons and Railroad Switches. Simply make use of them to obtain your final prize! Just as a squirrel buries its food, so do the dwarves stash their treasures.

Located at the edge of the forest seems to be what looks like the remnants of an old dwarven mine. Scattered throughout the area, are small, winding paths that may hide hidden dangers… or perhaps treasures. Only the brave or foolish will know for sure.

This adventure is some kind of unique: you must drive the ice elemental through the map to make them back into his binding seal to limit his power.

Ice elemental when only sense slightest hint of a flame is going to charge at it with abandon. What used to be a land teeming with life has been frozen white by the rapacious frost of the ice elementals. Arden managed to defeat them some years ago to usher in four seasons of equally wonderful weather.

Now snow is about to blanket everything once again. The adventure boss with 5x overleveled Talene formation seems unbeatable but we have a solution to defeat them without any fight!

A place of perpetual coldness, where only the sound of snowfall can be heard. Legend has it, that the snowy highland terrain can change in an instant whenever the snow ceases to fall, laying bear the true lay of the land for all to witness. One wonders, what will be seen this time? On this chapter you are going to fight through many enemies and Railroad Switches to achieve final Crystal Chest. Many folk have gotten lost within these hazy woods, Enshrouded by a mist that refuses to disperse, wanderers are often left to roam until they wander into an early grave.

One must stay vigilant in such a confusing and peculiar landscape. One lapse in concentration and a traveler could become lost forever. Secrets of the Forest Guide 4. Rest in Peace Guide 5. The Ancient Ruins Guide 6. The Far Frontier Guide 7. The Divine Realm Guide 8. Rancid Forest Guide 9. The Dismal Descent Guide The Savage Wastes Guide The Solar Plane Guide The Burning Woods Guide The Abysmal Delves Guide The Contorted Realm Guide The Depths of Time Guide 2.

The Fields of Stone Guide 3. Highburn Stronghold Guide 4. The Howling Wastes Guide 5. Fallen Souls Guide 6. The Frosted Expanse Guide 7. The Frozen Ground Guide 9.

The Frozen Hinterland Guide Contents Table hide. Chapter 1: The Depths of Time. Chapter 2: Fields of Stone. Chapter 3: Highburn Stronghold. Chapter 4: The Howling Wastes.

Chapter 5: Fallen Souls. Chapter 6: The Frosted Expanse. Chapter 8: Frozen Ground. Chapter 9: The Frozen Hinterland. Chapter The Hazy Timberland. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Load More Comments. Would love your thoughts, please comment.