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Free drivers for ACER Aspire S Found 25 files. Please select the driver to download. Additionally, you can choose Operating System to see the drivers that will be compatible with your OS. If you can not find a driver for your operating system you can ask for it on our forum. Apr 10,  · Download Acer support drivers by identifying your device first by entering your device serial number, SNID, or model number. Jul 28,  · I purchased an Aspire S series laoptop less than 2 yrs ago and now Acer is not even supporting it anymore with driver updates? I have an icon from Microsoft that I can upgrade my laptop to Windows 10, but I don’t see appropriate drivers for S on Acer’s website. Is Acer planning to provide Win 10 drivers for S in a few weeks/months?


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Acer Aspire S laptop drivers for Windows 10 x Install drivers automatically. DriverPack software is absolutely free of ing System: Windows 10 X Find service & support for your Acer products, search for BIOS updates, manuals, drivers and patches. With its RAID 0 Solid State Drive, the Aspire S7 reacts up to twice as fast as laptops with normal SSDs. A light-sensing keyboard backlight automatically kicks in when it gets dark, and it glows brighter as things get darker. 2 nd -generation Acer TwinAir cooling makes this Ultrabook™ run cool and quiet, while Acer technology delivers crystal-clear chats.
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GHz Intel Core.
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I don’t see Aspire S in the list of supported laptops for Win Why is that so? I purchased an Aspire S series laoptop less than 2 yrs ago and now Acer is not even supporting it anymore with driver updates? I have an icon from Microsoft that I can upgrade my laptop to Windows 10, but I don’t see appropriate drivers for S on Acer’s website.

Really annoying given that the laptop was released so recently. No connectivity is a bit of a problem. Looking in Device Manager I can see that both the wired and wireless adapters are listed and are showing “This devices is working properly” under Device Status.

Everything else appears to work as expected. Really because the laptop is otherwise a great fit for Windows For those of you that might make the same mistake I did in upgrading an S, the good news is that Windows 10 has an option to roll back to Windows 8. I found the rollback option by typing “Recovery” at the Windows 10 Start Menu.

The explanatory blurb said that you have the option to rollback available for 1 month from the time that you upgrade. It also said that you may have to reinstall some applications and recommended making a backup of your data.

After choosing the rollback option the S7 rebooted and about minutes later I was back at my Windows 8. I didn’t have any issues with applications needing re-installation either. Microsoft have done a nice job with this recovery option. I did have my applications and data backed up but this saved me a lot of time and hassle.

I hope Acer change their stance and support the S The S and later models are supported. How different can they really be? I’m having the same issues with my Acer S No network drivers. I can’t believe that a laptop that came with Windows 8 won’t be supported by Acer to Windows Not planning on downgrading to Win8.

I really hope that Acer does the right thing and release drivers for the or Microsoft releases drivers for it given their huge push to get to 1 billion Win10 devices in a year. This is absolutely ridiculous. Then discovered there are no Windows 10 drivers for the S7 Sort this out immediately Acer.

Shame on you. Sort it. After some digging around the web this weekend I found quite a few people not just S owners that were experiencing the same problem with no working network drivers after upgrading to Windows Someone discovered that if they downgraded to Windows 8. I uninstalled both, rebooted, and went through the upgrade again.

Connectivity is back and I haven’t run into any issues so far. In reading further, it seems as though the Cisco VPN client pre Cisco Anyconnect is the most likely cause of the problem. So I’m happy that thngs are now working, but would still like to see ‘official’ support from Acer. I also found a work around. The solution that I did was upgrade to 10 and then did a full reset. This did a full install and formatted the drive.

I was okay with it since all my data is in OneDrive anyways for this machine and I only use a few applications outside of web apps. After that, everything worked as expected.

For me the wifi connection is working fine in Windows It’s the bluetooth mouse that’s dead. The message thread here ran to ‘s! Now I fear going through all that pain again Cracked it – found some instructions about pressing and holding the grey button inside the battery comparment of the mouse to get it to pair, and it did.

Never had to do that before, but hey, it worked. I have the same problems with mouse drivers in win10! Can you writte more detailed informations how you manage to connect it? Which old drivers did you had? I tried with the grey button but it was not working. Thank you in advance.

I did it. I had to press the gray button and then open the bluetooth devices and show the computer to pair with the mouse. Now it is working. The instructions about the grey button are here.

Hope this helps. Well, I’m very with Acer. This model isn’t even out for three years in my country! Like you, I didn’t have any problems with my mouse there is indeed an connect-button inside or internet connection. My touchpad isn’t working anymore and there are also some monitors that stopped working on my device.

I have this laptop as well, and my upgrade has been almost painless. Touchpad works great. Full network connectivity. Compared to some of the issues raised here, my only problem is relatively minor, but I’d like to see if anyone has any ideas.

Mine is a display issue. Whenever I close the laptop, desktop icons and any open windows move to the upper left corner of the screen. I’ve done some research and found that this is a common problem with multiple displays, but there are no other displays connected.

I’m ONLY using the built-in laptop display. When I uninstall the driver and Windows reverts to the generic display driver, the problem doesn’t occur. However, the generic driver doesn’t allow you to adjust brightness, which is a must for me. Like I said, this is a pretty minor issue, given my use habits. I tend to close my browser and any open windows and all that before I close my laptop. But it’s a bit of n annoyance. Probably won’t be a fix for that until they release another new driver.

I expect Intell will do several before things really settle down. What’s happening is the resolution is changing probably to x or x just before it goes to sleep. Make sure you report the bug to Intel Hi, This is still a pretty capable laptop.

I have a much bigger problem. Touchscreen hasnt been working since upgrading to Win Anyone else with the same problem. Tried all drivers etc but cannot get it to work. Thanks in advance! Br, Peter. It looks like you’re new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! So, what are the rules of this place? Check out our Acer Community User Agreement. Register to get all the benefits of being a member! We are honored to have Leostat in the Acer Community. With their dedication, support and effort, Leostat has become one of the main collaborators.

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